The Via Delorosa

Our lives become so busy (even in ministry) that sometimes we forget the most important thing: Our relationship with God. Take a moment right now and reflect. Reflect on the awful price that had to be paid to save us from our sins. Thank you Jesus for what you sacrificed to ransom your people. It was not a cheap sacrifice. It cost everything. It cost the very blood of God (Acts 20:28).

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Hollywood: Kathy Griffin’s remarks about Jesus.

Yet another example of Hollywood’s view of their Creator. Kathy Griffin’s remarks were censored after her receipt of an award. They may have been censored from television but unless she repents, her words will still come back to haunt her on Judgment Day. Click here to read the story.

Everyone of us will give an account for every careless (and premeditated) word we speak. I pity her when she stands before the very God who she belittles.    

The deeper problem with Kathy Griffin is not her comment, but her heart. This presents an opportunity for me to ask the same of you.  Where’s your heart today? Do you still pay to watch the movies these people make? Do you still sit in front of your TV wasting countless hours of your short life watching the trash these people pump into your living rooms? Selah.

An inconvenient truth.

While we memorialized yesterday’s sixth anniversary of 9/11, we tend to forget a greater slaughter of Americans that occur on a daily basis. Each day more people are killed in a “clinic” in America than died on 9/11. Yet we make 9/11 a big deal and simply ignore the greater slaughter. Innocent people died on 9/11 in an act of war. Innocent people die everyday in America because of inconvenience. This is truly an inconvenient truth.