Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

I have no intention of making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I found an interesting post on the blog True Discernment and thought some of you may want to weigh in on it. (Also see Independent Conservative’s similar post here). It features Christmas greetings from two popular women “pastors.” As supposed Christian leaders, do you see any problem with Juanita Bynum and Paula White’s Christmas greetings? Is this just a by-product of who they truly are? I mean Christ of the Bible is often times absent from their “sermons” (in place of health, wealth, prosperity, and even sex) so why should He be included in their Christmas greetings? What do you think?



Are you a Monergist or Synergist?

Just some food for thought for today: Are you a Monergist or a Synergist?

Some noteworthy monergists include:
John MacArthur, RC Sproul, John Piper, D. James Kennedy, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Martin Luther.

Noteworthy synergists include:
Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Tim Lahaye, Charles Stanley, Jerry Falwell, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, and the Catholic church.

Not sure what a Monergist or a Synergist is? Couldn’t identify them if you met them on the street? Well then, check out the explanation by clicking here.
HT: Old Truth.

Quotes (84)

tozer.jpg   I want deliberately to encourage this mighty longing after God. The lack of it has brought us to our present low estate. The stiff and wooden quality about our religious lives is a result of our lack of holy desire. Complacency is a deadly foe of all spiritual growth. Acute desire must be present or there will be no manifestation of Christ to His people. He waits to be wanted. Too bad that with many of us He waits so long, so very long, in vain.

– A.W. Tozer

1897 – 1963

Another “preacher” on Larry King . . . another missed opportunity.

The female version of Joel Osteen has been discovered. Regarding Paula White’s book You’re All That, Larry King asks “This is a self-help book?” She responds, “Well, I believe the Bible helps yourself. So I think, you know, it’s based around the biblical principles and truths that transform me.”

Thanks to Independent Conservative for this video. Check out his commentary on this video here.

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yahannan.jpg One of the most impressive blessings in America is religious liberty. Not only do Christians have access to radio and television, unheard of in most nations of Asia, but they are also free to hold meetings, evangelize, and print literature. How different this is from many Asian nations in which government persecution of Christians is common and often legal. . . . Coming from India, where I was beaten and stoned for my faith, I know what it is to be a persecuted minority in my own country. When I set foot on Western soil, I could sense a spirit of religious liberty. Americans have never known the fear of persecution. . . . From India, I always looked to the United States as a fortress of Christianity. With the abundance of both spiritual and material things, affluence unsurpassed by any nation on earth, and a totally unfettered church, I expected to see a bold witness. God’s grace obviously has been poured out on this nation and Church in a way no other people ever have experienced. Instead I found a Church in spiritual decline. . . . These people, I knew, were capable of so much more. They were dying spiritually, but I knew God wanted to give them life again. He wanted His Church to recover its moral mandate and sense of mission. . . . God did not shower such great blessing on this nation for the Christians to live in extravagance, in self-indulgence, and in spiritual weakness.

– K.P. Yohannan