Brian McLaren is absolutely certain that no one can be absolutely certain.


From page 14 of popular false teacher Brian McLaren’s book A New Kind of Christian comes this drivel:

“I drive my car and listen to the Christian radio station, something my wife always tells me I should stop doing (“because it only gets you upset”). There I hear preacher after preacher be so absolutely sure of his bombproof answers and his foolproof biblical interpretations. . . . And the more sure he seems, the less I find myself wanting to be a Christian, because on this side of the microphone, antennas, and speaker, life isn’t that simple, answers aren’t that clear, and nothing is that sure.”

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john-macarthur.jpg Certain avant-garde evangelicals sometimes act as if the demise of certainty is a dramatic new intellectual development, rather than seeing it for what it actually is: an echo of the old unbelief. It is unbelief cloaked in a religious disguise and seeking legitimacy as if it were merely a humbler kind of faith. But it’s not faith at all. In reality, the contemporary refusal to regard any truth as sure and certain is the worst kind of infidelity. The church’s duty has always been to confront such skepticism and answer it by clearly proclaiming the truth God has revealed in His Word.

– John MacArthur

Will the Mormon church be able to stop NASA’s planned assault on the inhabitants of the moon?

Mormon MoonAccording to this article NASA is set to slam not one, but two satellites into the moon. Since Mormon leaders have taught that the moon is populated (along with the sun), I anticipate that the LDS church will vehemently protest this planned attack on the moon. I expect to see the LDS church publicly confront NASA on their disregard for human life and their insensitivity to the inhabitants of the moon. The LDS church will have to race against the clock, though, as this attack on the moon people is scheduled for February 2009.

If they don’t take a stand here and now, Kolob may be next!

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piper-pic.jpg The resounding cry of freedom in the Bible is, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). In other words, be free! Don’t be duped by the gurus of the age. They are here today and gone tomorrow. One enslaving fad follows another. Thirty years from now today’s tattoos will not be marks of freedom, but incredible reminders of conformity.

– John Piper

Sermon of the week: “The Ungodly Practice of Dating” by Tim Conway.

This week’s sermon is a must-hear for fathers; especially for father’s of daughters. This is a sermon that will definitely change your understanding on who is truly responsible for your daughter’s chastity and spiritual well-being.

In The Ungodly Practice of Dating, Pastor Tim Conway clearly lays out from the Bible how the father is ultimately responsible for the protection of his daughter.

Those familiar with Pastor Conway from previous sermons such as Hell is Necessary and The Fruits of Repentance will know that he pulls no punches and that this sermon on dating will certainly leave an impact.

Click on the link to listen streaming, or right click on the link and click “Save As” (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Mozilla) to save to your computer. From there you can burn this to a CD or upload it to your MP3 player.

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john-macarthur.jpg    Many self-styled evangelicals today are openly questioning whether such a thing as truth even exists. Others suppose that even if truth does exist, we can’t be sure what it is, so it can’t really matter much. The twin problems of uncertainty and apathy about the truth are epidemic, even among some of the evangelical movement’s most popular authors and spokespersons. Some flatly refuse to stand for anything because they have decided that even Scripture isn’t really clear enough to argue about. Except for the massive scale on which such thinking has attained popularity today, and the way it is seeping into the church, such ideas themselves are really nothing new or particularly shocking. It is exactly the same attitude with which Pilate summarily dismissed Christ: “What is truth?” (John 18:38)

– John MacArthur

What if Gordon B. Hinckley returned from the grave to deliver one last message?

hinckley.jpg Here’s your chance to be a little creative and use some artistic license. I pose this query to all my readers, so put on your thinking caps.

It was exactly one month ago today that Mormon prophet/president Gordon B. Hinckley died. What if he was permitted to return from where he’s spent the last month (wherever you think he may be) to deliver one last, but brief, message? What do you think his message to the world would be now?

I anxiously await your comments.

Stay cool with God?

When the church has to resort to a tropical penguin to interest children in God (and candy too) it’s no wonder that we’ve raised a generation of biblically illiterate and doctrinally ignorant entertainment-seekers whose concept of God is that He’s just a “cool” dude.


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Many in the academic and philosophical realms . . . . no longer believe in truth as a sure and knowable reality. Make no mistake: unbelief is the seed of that opinion. The contemporary aversion to truth is simply a natural expression of fallen humanity’s innate hostility toward God (Romans 8:7).

– John MacArthur

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yahannan.jpg The millions of Asians who are dying and going to Hell are people for whom Christ died. We say we believe it–but what are we doing to act on that faith? Without works, faith is dead. No one should go to hell today without hearing about the Lord Jesus. To me this is an atrocity much worse than the death camps of Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia. As horrible as the 1.3 million abortions are in the United States each year, the eternal loss of multiplied millions of additional souls every year is the greatest preventable tragedy of our times.

– K.P. Yohannan

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paul-washer-sitting.jpg Absolutely everything is for our good. The problem is many times we do not understand the good. The good isn’t big ministries, the good isn’t fame in the Christian life, the good isn’t that after we die someone will write a book about us, the good isn’t that we’re respected as the greatest pastor in the world. The good is that we look like Jesus; that we look like Christ.

– Paul Washer

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john-macarthur.jpg   God and truth are inseparable. Every thought about the essence of truth–what it is, what makes it “true,” and how we can possibly know anything for sure, quickly moves us back to God. That is why God incarnate–Jesus Christ–is called the truth (John 14:6). That is also why it is not particularly surprising when someone who repudiates God rejects His truth as well. If a person can’t tolerate the thought of God, there is simply no comfortable place for the concept of truth in that person’s worldview, either. So the consistent atheist, agnostic, or idolater might as well hate the very idea of truth. After all, to reject God is to reject the Giver of all truth, the final Judge of what really is true, and the very essence and embodiment of truth itself.

– John MacArthur