Sad news from Old Truth.

Jim Bublitz of Old Truth has published his last post (for at least a long time) due to his health taking a serious turn for the worst. You can read his last post here. Please keep Jim in prayer as he suffers daily and still has to face incredible struggles in the future.

I fondly remember stumbling upon Jim’s discernment/reformed blog Old Truth just over a year ago, and it encouraged me tremendously. At the time God was doing a work on my heart and was calling me to come out of the circus church. However, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me because I was surrounded by lukewarm professing Christians who did not hunger and thirst for holiness. Instead, these people only wanted to have their ears tickled by the oh-so-funny pastor and they would get a glazed look in their eyes when I spoke of anything other than superficial trivialities around the pastry table after service. I truly had no one to “fellowship” with.

It was refreshing to come across Jim’s blog and it assured me that–although I was physically without other iron to sharpen iron–the work God was doing in me was real and there were (and are) many others in the Body out there who God has also called out of Churchianity, and we can encourage each other even if we’re on the other side of the world.

Old Truth, along with some other blogs, inspired me to start Reformation Nation and eventually this blog, Defending. Contending. Thanks for all you’ve done Jim!