The White Horse Inn: “The Glory Story.”

This episode of the White Horse Inn is entitled The Glory Story.

On this edition of the White Horse Inn the hosts discuss the influence of both Pelagianism and Gnosticism in the American religious landscape. And the net result is what they refer to as “the Glory Story.” In contrast to the theology of glory, however, the hosts make a case for recovering a clear understanding of the “theology of the cross.”

Here’s a sample exchange between the hosts from this episode:

Kim Riddlebarger: There’s nothing more embarrassing than a reformation preacher attempting to be relevant.

Mike Horton: We’re going to bring Him down . . . wait a second, wait a second hot shot, He came down and He comes down if you would just explain and expound the passages.

Kim Riddlebarger: Preach the text and get out of the way and let the text do its work.

Michael Horton: That is so relieving.

Ken Jones: It is, you know you don’t have to try to measure yourself against what’s going on down the street or what people are used to on religious television. Make the announcement and trust that the same God who made this Word clear to you will, by His Spirit, illumine the hearts of your hearers to recognize and receive the Savior.