Jacked up on who?

Stacy Denboer is back with yet another disturbing video. I was provided the following video from Stacy himself in an e-mail he sent me. The following is his e-mail verbatim and in its entirety and below that is the video of himself taking “hits” off a plastic baby doll which renders him unable to control his bodily functions, including grunting like an animal and drooling.

I’m wondering where the Scriptural support (e.g. teaching, precedent, etc.) is for this. I remember reading of other accounts in the Bible in which people were unable to control themselves, and it was usually due to demonic possession.

I went ahead an removed the video clips of me and my children enjoying the presence of God… I was wondering why my view count was going up so fast, but then I traced it to this site… I don’t want to read about the God of the Bible only (cognitive only), but I desire to read and experience the God of the Bible… Jesus reconciled us back to God completely on the cross.. the veil was torn and you can enjoy as much Glory as you want…. (“on earth as it is in heaven”) Here is a clip where I get so wacked by the presence of God that I am drueling….

“Wow… I have been getting so hammered on Jesus…. Man!!!! I feel like I am going to have an Enoch experience!!!”

R-Rated Movie Messages??!!

The following excerpt is from an article done by Washington Post.  It only serves to show the depths to which pastors are willing to go in order to entice people to come “worship” the Almighty Sovereign of the Universe.  This man has demeaned the high office to which he aspires to hold.  He is not being the protective shepherd that God requires him to be, and he is in flagrant opposition to the Word of God to be separate from the world.

The picture above is from the message where he came dressed as the Joker from the Batman movie!  You can go here to Washington Post to see more pictures and read about this man.


“Since June, Seagears, senior pastor at Christ Chapel Mountaintop in Prince William County, has based his sermons on the summer’s blockbusters, managing to draw life lessons from the most unlikely subject matter. The Summer Cinema Series, which concludes today, seeks to attract those who don’t ordinarily attend church while making the experience more fun for those who do. The four-year-old church averages about 20 visitors a week, in addition to members, which is significant considering that attendance usually lags during the summer, he said.

“We try to make church and God applicable to people’s lives,” said Seagears, 47.

Seagears bases each week’s message on the highest-grossing movie the previous weekend. He sees the movie, then prays about how to extract a biblical message.

He has had to see movies with violence and language he would otherwise avoid. Last month he saw “Hellboy II: the Golden Army,” in which an evil prince seeks to resurrect an indestructible army to take over the Earth by assembling pieces of a magical crown.

We, too, have invaluable crowns, Seagears preached, rewards God has prepared for those who love and serve him faithfully.”

(Editor note – Bold emphasis is mine)