Joel Osteen and Paul Washer

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It takes discernment as a Christian to recognize proper biblical preaching and teaching. Have you been using discernment in your listening? The difference is frightening and it can have eternal consequences. Now, think about your friends who follow after Joel Osteen and his teachings. Are they saved?

It is time to DEMAND that your church properly preach God’s Word. Do not let your pastor off with smushy, soft-core gospel preaching. Do not let him get away with only giving “feel good” messages without talking about sin and the need to repent of those sins that we do.

Sermon of the week: “Bears, Boys, and Baldheads” by Chuck Betters.

Your sermon of the week is Bears, Boys, and Baldheads by Chuck Betters. This sermon is broken into four segments each only 21 minutes in duration. All four parts are available today for you to listen to streaming or to download to your computer, MP3 player or CD.

But be forewarned, Pastor Betters pulls no punches in this series and will definitely step on some toes, especially in regards to parenting.

Bears, Boys, and Baldheads Part One (21:04)

Bears, Boys, and Baldheads Part Two (21:17)

Bears, Boys and Baldheads Part Three (21:08)

Bears, Boys, and Baldheads Part Four (21:18)