A Medical Nun’s Story

This video shares the story of Lolly Harding, a woman who was a Catholic medical nun for 13 years.  It is really a timely video and provides some more insight in how Catholics will accept without question what they hear from their superiors.  Something Bill encountered in a conversation he had with two Catholics.

But more than this, Lolly shares her story about how she came to believe in Jesus Christ alone for her salvation.  She goes through her time in the convent and how religious life is nothing more than a facade which covers up the reality of the sin that the religious are in bondage to.

I believe everyone will profit from watching this video as Lolly is a very authentic believer who speaks frankly about the sin in her life and how, even though she was a nun, was still dead in trespasses in sins.  Lolly then goes on to explain about what happened in her life to lead her to forsake the Catholic religion and to embrace Jesus alone for her salvation.

Please watch this video and share with others.