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Let it be a rule with us, in the reading of our Bibles, to study the types and ordinances of the Mosaic law with prayerful attention. They are all full of Christ. The altar–the scape-goat–the daily burnt-offering–the day of atonement, are all so many sign-posts pointing to the great sacrifice offered by our Lord on Calvary. Those who neglect to study the Jewish ordinances, as dark, dull, and uninteresting parts of the Bible, only show their own ignorance, and miss great advantages. Those who examine them with Christ as the key to their meaning, will find them full of Gospel light and comfortable truth.

– J.C. Ryle

1816 – 1900

Quotes (755)

John MacArthur One more factor in the abysmal lack of discernment today is a growing deterioration of the overall level of spiritual maturity in the church. As knowledge of God’s truth ebbs, people follow popular views. They seek feelings and experiences. They hunger for miracles, healings, and spectacular wonders. They grope for easy and instant solutions to the routine trials of life. They turn quickly from the plain truth of God’s Word to embrace doctrines fit only for the credulous and naive. They chase personal comfort and success. The brand of Christianity prevalent in this generation may be shallower than at any other time in history.

– John MacArthur

Another idol bites the dust.

We here at DefCon have reported in the past when idols have met there demise, like the large graven image being paraded around in a Romish church that came crashing to the ground and the statue of Moroni getting struck by lightening. Now, here’s the latest graven image to bite the dust (or should we say “ashes?”) thanks to lightening.

The 62 foot tall, $250,000 statue of Jesus erected outside Solid Rock Church in Ohio was destroyed by a lightening strike. I can’t help but wonder as the leaders of the church stand around the ashes if one of them won’t be brave enough to say, “I guess we should have spent all that money on missions.”