A story about a Presbyterian church, the Boyscouts, and Mormonism.

Back in September we reported on a sad co-mingling with Mormonism by a Presbyterian church (see Compromising with a cult), but today we are pleased to report of another Presbyterian church not willing to compromise with LDS, much to the chagrin of some Mormons.

Hats off to Christ Covenant Church for being one of the few churches left in America who stills sees a difference between truth and error, right and wrong, and light and darkness.

This story was first reported here in the Charlotte Observer and contained the typical appeals from Mormons for us to accept them as true Christians (citing such evidences as the name of their church and a picture of “Jesus” in their living room as proof of their Christianity). The story also has a bit of irony to it when it reports:

“Mormon Bishop Rowlan, who heads the Stokes’ Weddington church, would not say whether he would be open to naming a non-Mormon as a Scouting leader.

‘I’d have to take each one on an individual basis,’ he said, adding that that is the policy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

The folks over at Mormon Coffee did a great job answering some of the remarks made in the article found on their site here, and they even went so far as to answer inevitably predictable questions here.