Christ – our example, submission to authority

Here is the last of 6 messages from Pastor Conrad Mbewe, from Zambia in Africa, on the subject of biblical submission and exercising authority. You can find links to the previous messages here. Each of these 6 messages will convict you – as all humans have some rebellion in their flesh. Do not lose sight of the limits of earthly authority – but do not erect unbiblical limits on your submission thereto. Both ditches are dangerous to your soul.

This last message focuses on the example of the Lord Jesus – Who humiliated Himself to take on flesh and live as a human and submitted Himself in all things He said and did to our Heavenly Father. While the main point of the Lord’s earthly life is not merely to serve as an example (that is the main error of the emergents and myriad gnostics), He does shows us how to honor God with obedience.

The main point of Christ’s life was to earn his right to be the propitiation for the sin of the elect and keep Himself from sin and be raised from the dead. All to bring glory to His Father and redeem those chosen before the foundation of the world.

He desires obedience more than sacrifice – obedience can only come by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit – and not by the effort of any flesh. As the taxpayer in Luke 18, let each of us cry out to God for mercy and rely not at all on the flesh.