Youth ministry annoyances.

Pastor Brian Borgman reveals three of his pet-peeves when it comes to youth ministry:

Sunday School and VBS curriculum which trivializes and moralizes the Bible.

Children’s Church which substitutes for Church.

Sending the kids out right before the sermon.

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Saturday Sermon Series: “The Fear of God” (Parts 1 – 3 of 9) by Albert Martin.

In addition to DefCon’s weekly sermon of the week (posted every Thursday), we occasionally feature a Saturday Sermon Series.

For the next three Saturdays we are pleased to present a nine-part series (three parts a week) by Albert N. Martin on the fear of God.

This is a powerful message that every Christian can benefit from.

The Fear of God – Part 1  (Predominance in Biblical Thought)

The Fear of God – Part 2  (Definition, Part 1)

The Fear of God – Part 3  (Definition, Part 2; Ingredients Part 1)

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