Atheist hypocrisy (Part 2)

I frequently hear anti-theists lament the hypocrisy they see in the lives of professing Christians, oftentimes citing such hypocrisies as part of their reason for rejecting Christianity. But there is a glaring hypocrisy that frequently comes from the anti-theist camp that seems to escape their own notice. Although this hypocrisy is abundantly present in many of the anti-theist rants against Christianity, I have yet to see anyone bring attention to it. So allow me to point it out.

Anti-theists spend an inordinate amount of time devoted to expressing a hatred toward, and the mocking of a God they claim doesn’t exist (chew on the rationality of that for a while). They also spend a lot of time mocking Christians who actually live according to the principles set forth in Scripture; those Christians who strive to follow the commands of Christ.

So many times when an atheist sees a Christian being obedient to the commands of Christ (i.e. practice what they preach), they get mocked as “fuddy duddies,” “prudes,” and “fundies” by pretentious anti-theists.

Now the hypocrisy comes:

As soon as some anti-theists observe legitimate (or perceived) hypocrisy in the lives of pseudo-Christians, they wail that this somehow not only “proves” that God doesn’t exist, but that the behavior of these professing Christians justifies these anti-theists’ continued willful enmity toward God and Christianity.

“You Christians are hypocrites; you don’t practice what you preach, and that’ just another reason why I reject the existence of your God.”

So which is it, dear atheist? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t on the one hand accuse Christians of hypocrisy for not practicing what they preach, and then, on the other hand, mock them when they do.

To be consistent, if the professing Christian not practicing what the Bible teaches is one reason to reject Christianity, then wouldn’t the Christian practicing what the Bible teaches be one reason to embrace Christianity?

So I ask you this day, which would you rather see, Christians following their Lord’s commands, or those shallow, Sunday-only Christians who claim to follow Christ but who live just like you?

Choose this day who you’ll mock . . . then remain consistent.

See: Atheist Hypocrisy (Part 1) here.

8 thoughts on “Atheist hypocrisy (Part 2)

  1. In the halls of the intelligentsia, the reasons provided here for rejection is not prevalent. As an ex-Christian (well versed one), the main reasons for debunking the Christianized faith is one of evolution. All things out live their usefulness; religion bears no exemption.

    To answer your last question; I would respect conviction in its totality amid any believer of any faith; not cherry pick specifics for political or social leverage.


  2. Unless I’m mistaken there is a logical flaw in you rant…

    If I’ve understood – you’re saying that some atheists mock you because of your belief and your actions regarding said belief. And if you were to still hold the belief but not act upon said belief then some atheists would mock you for being inconsistent / hypocritical.

    These atheists’ actions are not hypocritical / inconsistent. In each case they (from their point of view) have a legitimate reason to mock you. The 2 “mocks” are not mutually exclusive.

    If you were to not believe, and to not act like you believe, then they would not mock you.


  3. First of all, there is no such thing as an atheist. The Law of THE only God is written on the heart of man, AND the conscience of man bears witness to the fact that God exists.

    Secondly, I’ve come across many people during my lifetime who do mock God, mock His Word, mock His people, mock His Church, mock religion, and mock Christianity in general. Although I’m not a fan of being mocked by anyone, I understand why non-Christians do mock – they are acting according to their spiritually-dead nature. They do not accept the things of God, because the things of God are foolishness to those who are perishing (in their sins).

    Finally, the smartest, most educated, most intellectual anti-theist person on the planet is no different than the dumbest, least educated, least intellectual anti-theist person on the planet. Both have themselves on the thrones of their respective hearts, and both worship the god of self. Unfortunately, if neither are given the faith and repentance toward God, both shall perish in their respective sins, and spend an eternity in a place created for Satan and his angels; where the worm does not die, there is no rest day or night, the fire is not quenched, and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth – FOREVER. In Dante’s “Divine Comedy” poem, there’s a quote above the allegorical door to Hell which states, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. Fear Him Who has the power to cast your body AND soul into Hell.



  4. Unfortunately Todd, your “argument” remains as strong as it is if you replace the word God with X.

    X being anything made up. For example:

    “The Law of THE only Potato-King people is written on the heart of man, AND the conscience of man bears witness to the fact that the Potato-King exists.”

    It would be nice to hear some actual arguments to back up your preaching.


  5. I’m not going to argue with you Pete. I don’t need to. You know there’s a God, and that He created you, and that if you’re not for Him, you’re against Him, and that His wrath abides upon you at this moment.



  6. I don’t want an argument – just some actual reasons as to why you believe what you are preaching. If I were to just preach my beliefs I would say something as unsubstantiated as you did, like:

    You know there is no God, and that no-one was created, and that you’re neither for nor against him because you don’t believe he exists. You just try to convince yourself of such things because you wish it to be so. Also – you try to believe out of fear, after all you do not lose anything if there is no God and you do believe, but you lose everything if you do not believe and there is a (Christian) God. These are the only reasons you CAN believe in such a non-existent thing.


  7. Pete,

    Here’s a summary of WHY I believe.

    I believe because the Lord God Almighty took pity upon my lifeless spirit, and breathed life into it. He gave me a new heart as well.

    You see, before the Lord, by His grace, converted me from death unto life, I was a rebel sinner with a rap sheet (a record, if you will) a mile long before Him. I was my own god. I worshipped myself all day, everyday. I used the Lord’s name without the proper worth it deserves. I couldn’t have cared less about a Sabbath day. I was a rebel against my parents. Although I’ve never physically committed murder, hatred toward certain other people was the norm. I also was impure relationally and in thought with regard to the fairer sex. I stole time from my employers by being lazy. I was a very accomplished liar. And finally, I had a genuine heart of discontent and jealousy toward others’. Does this describe you as well?

    BUT GOD…
    Saw me in my deadness and wickedness and “law-breakingness.” But because He’s loved me before the foundation of the world, and despite any merit on my part, drew me by His Holy Spirit to Himself through His Son – Jesus Christ. He regenerated me. He gave me faith to believe the Gospel and repentance to turn from my mountain of sin. He legally made me not guilty in Heaven, based upon the fact that His Son paid my sin-debt in full. He adopted me into His family. He gave me a new record in Heaven. He’s given me a new heart on earth to do things which are right and pure and honest and an expression of my thankfulness to Him. Lastly, when I die or He returns, He’ll glorify me as well, and I’ll get to spend eternity in His presence as all good and faithful servants will. Does this describe you?

    You see Pete, I don’t have to convince myself. The convincing’s already been accomplished for me. It’s a gift. I’m a recipient of the greatest gift a person can ever receive or hope to receive. Faith in the Son of God is not merely an intellectual exercise. It’s a gift, and it’s given to unworthy, rebel sinners WHILE they are sinners. That’s all the proof I need, and that’s really all the “proof” you need as well. Until you’re converted, you won’t have an understanding of what Christians are all about, or what God’s all about. I must warn you though, He’s going to judge you someday, and if you’re found to have broken one fraction of His perfect Law, it would be better for you that you weren’t even born.

    One final thought, and these aren’t my words…The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’



  8. Atheists and anyone judging other human beings should be careful on making judgments based on the success or lack of success of others. And just because a person who is a Christian fails to live up to perfect standards only proves what the bible clearly says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
    Jesus is the standard and humans failing Jesus’ standard does not nullify the truth that we are to repent and trust in the righteousness of Jesus Christ not people.
    We are all hypocrites to one extent or another. Christians are repentant and only on the basis of God’s GRACE are we forgiven.
    Only God is not a hypocrite

    Isa 9:17 “Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one [is] an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand [is] stretched out still.

    the reason why people judge unrighteously by never measuring themselves up against God’s standards and only going just far enough to knock Christians down is because they just wanna save face. They just want an excuse to continue in their sins…


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