3 thoughts on “Idolatry vs. Worthy of Worship

  1. Not new of course, as the 5,000 fed, plus women and children, hung around while Jesus prayed alone, after sending His disciples by sea. The next day? They were hungry again! Yet when He told them the Truth, many of His disciples and nearly all those He fed departed from Him because His teaching was too hard to understand? NO! Too hard to submit to…

    Also consider those who cried “Hosanna” as He rode in Passion Week, yet cried “Crucify Him! We have no god but Caesar! His blood be on us and on our children!” This when He tore up the Temple, that is cleaned out the unclean…

    Most ‘preachers’ and most pew warmers are taught to follow Him for what He might do for them. The Narrow Road few follow Him for Who He IS!


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