Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Greetings, and welcome to the Truth in Grace blog.

This blog has been in existence since 2007 and is comprised of a team of contributors from around America who share a common passion for the spread of the gospel as well as engaging in the defense of the Christian faith.

Although all the writers hold to the essentials of the Christian faith, we do differ in some areas that are not salvific in nature. There are differences in positions on eschatology, home vs. public education, youth ministry vs. family-integrated, music styles, and even on whether to celebrate Christmas or not.

Although we have divergent views on various topics (and thus, not everything written on this blog is the opinion of every single writer), we collectively seek to:

1). Share truth and faith in a spirit of love and grace that reflects Jesus Christ.

2). Encourage those who claim to be Christians to begin living a life consistent with Biblical Christianity…or quit calling themselves Christians.

3). Lift up Jesus Christ because when He is lifted up all men will be drawn unto Him.

4). Do all of this for Soli Deo Gloria!

Stay the Course & Never Compromise!

-Truth in Grace

If you have questions regarding this blog, please feel free to contact us at truthingraceblog@gmail.com



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  1. Have any of you folks read “The Truth War” by John MacArthur? I have just began reading it myself.

    I was surprised to see one of your contributors was from Knoxville, TN (my city), and then even more surprised to see he was a member of First Baptist Church – Powell (my church). Small world… even if I don’t know who he is… 🙂

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  2. The REAL history of Mormonism

    What I am about to share with you is incredible, but true. When I was in college, and after I joined the Mormon religion, I accidentally discovered that Joseph Smith was actually arrested for Treason against the United States for trying to overthrow the Government of the United States. I also learned that the Mormon religion had fought three wars with the American Government since 1830, they there are many Mormon prophecies about how “Mormon Elders of Zion” will rush-in and save the Constitution” and that America’s destiny is to become a “Mormon Kingdom of Zion”. On September 15, 1857, Brigahm Young even declared independence from the United States altogether. In fact, when the Mormons settled in the Utah Territory in July of 1847, the lands they claimed belonged to Mexico and Young had purposely led his Mormon outside the boundaries of teh United States in order to found their own soveriegn Mormon nation, which they called Deseret.

    More recently, Jay Bybee, Tim Flanigan, D. Kyle Sampson. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Yohn Yoo and David Addington are all Mormons or people who reported to Mormon politicians in the U.S. Government. And, they are all responsible for writing the “Bush Torture Policy” and re-writing the President’s emegency war powers legislation, which would allow the President to sieze control of the Government in a time of national emergency. These same powers would also allow the President to become the “paramount unitary commander” and circumvent the checks and balances of the constitution. Strangely, VP Cheney (whose wife is Mormon) actually practiced to become the “Paramount Unitary Commander, Jay Bybee is a BYU law graduate and drafted the “Bush Torture Policy” and D. Kyle Sampson (another BYU grad) fired all of the US Attorneys and started the “US Attorney scandal”; he worked for Senator Orrin Hatch.

    Coincidentally, a large number of Mormons were also involved in the recent terrorist events, which necessitated updating the President’s emergency war powers legislation. Further, two of the four 9/11 terrorist pilots were trained at Huffman Aviation in Florida and the secret owner of Huffman Aviation was a Mormon bishop by the name of Wallce Hilliard, Terry Nichols was Mormon and met with Ramzi Yousef 6-month before the 1995 OKC bombing (in the Philippines), Ryder trucks were used both the 1993 WTC and 1995 OKC bombings and the President of Ryder trucks was a Mormon stake president living in Florida by the name of Anthony Burns and a Salt Lake City based company by the name of Dyno-Nobel actually sold the ammonium nitrate that Ramzi Yousef used when he bombed WTC in 1993!

    See more @ – http://www.MormonZeitgeist.com


  3. I praise God for your ministry, your bold stand for God’s truth, and exposure of error, in this age of increasing apostacy. I am grieved at the state of contemporary Christianity. There is not just blind acceptance of false teaching spewing from pulpits today, but a militant defense of these teachers who have managed to instill an emotional attachment in their loyal followers. These deceivers have caught on to the technique of using sound, biblical, orthodox theology as a Trojan Horse to enter the minds and hearts of the unsuspecting. But along with such orthodoxy, they slip in damnable heresies, all re-packaged and “Christianized”, twisting the Scriptures for support. Perhaps it’s an twisted concept of Eternal Security, or perhaps just lazy, gullible thinking, but there seems to be no fear or concern whatsoever to dine at both the table of the Lord (holding to sound biblical teachings) and dining at the table of demons (delving into false and heretical beliefs) as well. So many now have a Build-A-Bear theology: a little of this, a little of that, and it’s all okay, because we all “love Jesus”, and that’s all that matters. Largely ignored is the command to “test all things”, or to be like those of Berea who searched the Scriptures to see if everything being preached was true. Nor does there seem to be any concern that not every “Jesus” being preached is the true Jesus of the Scriptures, not every “Gospel” is the true Gospel. I deeply respect and applaud of all of you, and of John MacArthur, for standing firm for the truth of God’s word in this age of emerging apostacy. May the Lord greatly bless and protect you, brothers. And I encourage you to keep on defending and contending! It’s sorely needed in the church today.


  4. Hello Lititia~ As a matter of fact, DefCon does indeed have one female contributor…me! I post under the name ‘unworthy1’. Thank you for your interest in this site, may you be edified, and may Christ be glorified. That is what we strive for as we ‘contend for the faith’.


  5. I’m linking your blog to mine (The Cross Is All). I applaud what you are doing. May our great and glorious God bless you and your efforts.

    In Him,


  6. I have faith that one day you will come back to the ONE and ONLY church founded by Jesus Christ himself, the Catholic Church, just as Patrick Madrid and Marcus Grodi did. When you do, remember me. 😉 Do your homework and you will see why it the only one that holds the WHOLE truth.
    God Bless you.


  7. Linda,

    The Roman Catholic system is a hierarchy of man-made rules and traditions that damns the soul of man to hell. They include teachings that are contrary to the Scriptures and have done ever since the RC system was in its birth and infancy during the reign of Emperor Constantine. We have done our homework and find it greatly wanting in doctrine and substance.

    The Desert Pastor

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  8. Linda,
    Christ does NOT call lost sinners out of darkness to join a ‘denomination’, or a ‘religion’. Christ calls us to Himself, He has the power to free the lost sinner from the bondage of sin. This does not include being a member of any particular denomination; the ‘church’ of Jesus Christ is made up of all walks of life {Rev. 5:9, ‘And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation}. Lost sinners from every background, every part of the globe, are called by Christ out of darkness and into the Light.
    By stating one must join the ‘true church’, you are preaching a salvation by works. Salvation cannot be attained by any work of man, it is all of grace. God gifts undeserving, wicked man with salvation, His Spirit brings the lost sinner to repentance, His power breaks the sinner over his/her sins and causes them to cry out for mercy and forgiveness. His Son reconciles us back to a Holy God, and keeps us.
    You live a life characterized by a religious outward appearance, but your heart is still dead in sin. You have not been regenerated, you go through various rituals thinking God hears, approves, and listens. Unless He is gracious and merciful to you, you will die in your sins because of your ‘religiosity’. Am I being too harsh? No, I am being painfully honest; there is a soul at stake here…yours. May God, who is rich in mercy, be gracious to you and pull you out of the cult you cleave to.

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  9. Please read knowing I have no issues with you and hopefully we are brothers in our eternal Groom Jesus Christ. I claim to know just a smidgen of God’s wonderful truth, so I know for sure I err on the side of my opinion.

    Desert Pastor, what part of the reformed theology causes you to put it aside?
    The books you read are clearly committed to reformed theology.
    I would have to assume (maybe by ignorance) that you are “hugging” 2 kinds of trees, the reformed kind with it’s bushy foliage and good fruit, and the Arminian tree with it’s plastic foliage and “dusty look alike” fruit.
    Most people have several kinds of trees on their property and all are beautiful but, comparing a fake tree to a real tree is impossible to do.


  10. Ron,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am afraid that I am missing your point. Of what are you speaking when you said “what part of the reformed theology causes you to put it aside” and the part about two different types of trees? Thanks for clarifying and I will do my best to answer.

    The Desert Pastor


  11. Sorry
    You said you didn’t agree with some of the reformed theoloy, what would that be and why. Just checking if maybe I am not looking at the theology correctly.


  12. Desert Pastor,

    I think Ron is referring to how you say that you’re a Baptist rather than reformed or Protestant. I’ve been curious about that as well.



  13. Bill and Ron,

    Thanks for the clarification. Please allow me to explain briefly. By the way, I do not believe in successionism nor do I subscribe to the poor teaching of J.M. Carroll in his little pamphlet entitled, “The Trail of Blood.”

    1) A definition of Protestant as found on Wikipedia. “The word Protestant is derived from the Latin protestari [2][3] meaning publicly declare which refers to the letter of protestation by Lutheran princes against the decision of the Diet of Speyer in 1529, which reaffirmed the edict of the Diet of Worms in 1521, banning Luther’s documents. Since that time, the term Protestantism has been used in many different senses, often as a general term merely to signify people who believe in Christ who exist outside of the Catholic Church.
    While churches which recently emerged directly or indirectly from the Protestant Reformation generally constitute traditional Protestantism, in common usage the term is often used to refer to any Christian church other than the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox churches.[4] This usage is imprecise, however, as there are non-Roman Catholic and non-Eastern Orthodox churches which predate the Reformation (notably Oriental Orthodoxy).”

    2) Baptists are NOT Protestant. The faith of Baptists predates the Reformation, as well as the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Those who hold to Protestantism have lines going directly back to the Roman Catholic Church system. In fact, many within what is identified as Protestantism today still hold to many semblances of what they intended to leave. Even the Roman Catholic Church has in the past acknowledged that there have always been those who have held to baptistic doctrine and that have been a thorn in their side for centuries.

    3) There have always been small groups of people or churches that have held to the truths of Scripture and have even subscribed to what is now known as the Five Solas. God has ALWAYS preserved to Himself those individuals who held to the faith that they were willing to die for and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

    4) Baptists are NOT Reformed. By this term, I am NOT referring to many of the doctrines that are held by those who would claim to be baptistic in doctrine, but may not necessarily have the denominational name over the door. This is actually a term that historically is inaccurate when used to define Baptists. In fact, if you were to go back even a little more than a century to England, you would find that Spurgeon and the Strict & Particular Baptists never used the term Reformed to define themselves, but made a clear case for being separate from those who called themselves by the term Reformed. For a very thorough explanation of this term and its background, I would HIGHLY recommend the following book by Kenneth Good – Are Baptists Reformed?

    5) Tragically, history clearly reveals that many who fall under the label of Protestant (and even Reformed) have persecuted true believers themselves down through the centuries. Many who hold up Calvin, Luther, et al., to be such heroes of the Reformation actually still maintained many connections within the Roman system and it would be a rare pastor who would even be willing to invite either of these men to preach from their pulpit were they alive today. Much is overlooked today of true church history. Another point of great interest to remember is that even the Baptists were hounded and persecuted by many of the mainline denominations because of their beliefs and practices of Sola Scriptura.

    Today, evangelicalism has lumped all Baptists into Protestantism, just as it has lumped all who hold to the doctrines of grace under the label of Reformed. I believe both to be incorrect both Biblically and historically. In conclusion, there are some doctrines such as Amillennialism, Paedo-baptism, the exclusion of the Jews from future prophecy, and the belief that the New Testament Church of today replaces in its entirety the Old Testament Israel are fully contrary to the historical beliefs of those who have held to what is properly termed baptistic doctrine and faith.

    I hope this clarifies. If you have any further questions, feel free to write either publicly or to my personal email. Thanks.

    The Desert Pastor


  14. Hi , would any of you care to comment about the following blog and the comments from supporters and detractors ?


    I was disturbed by the message he’s sending and after watching his wife’s performances of China Wine and Fancy Free on youtube and her interview launching her latest music video, I cannot help but feel worried that 27,000 people actually agree with his theology.

    His supporters have vehemently argued that others are being judgemental and narrow minded….but I would like to hear your view on this. Cultural mandate to reach the marketplace ??

    blessings ,

    concerned christian


  15. concerned,

    Yes, you should by all means avoid Kong Hee. One of our contributors here (Isaiah) is very familiar with his teachings. I asked Isaiah about this fellow, and this was his response:

    Kong Hee’s main thrust is the culture mandate, by which he exhorts his congregation to go out into the world to make a difference for God. Now, that sounds good, but the execution turns the church upside down to suit the world instead of the other way around. Anyone who disagrees with his liberal cultural mandate is called a “conservative” or, worse yet, a “Pharisee” by him and his blind flock.

    His church also buys into the prosperity heresy. Sow this much and God will return that much more to you. They are definitely seeker-sensitive, and the culture of the world has seeped into his church unabated.

    His wife, Sun Ho, is a pop singer in the US of A. Initially, she was one of the pastors at the church, but she left to pursue her singing career. While the media had initially portrayed her as the “singing pastor”, she later denied that she had ever been one. I don’t support the idea of female pastors, but she is, after all, a pastor’s wife who has Biblical instructions on how she should carry herself.

    Isaiah may be responding to your query personally within the next couple days, so keep watching.


  16. Concerned:

    I’m well aware of Kong Hee’s ministry, and being in Singapore, I have also kept tabs on his bad teachings so that I might counter the errors here.

    On that post, I have read it when it was posted, and am already in the process of responding to it. In the coming days, I will be concluding my response on my blog and will cross-post it to DefCon.


  17. Around four years ago I knocked on the trailer door of a Viet. Vet. who was two days away from killing himself.
    I spoke nine words to him and the desire to terminate his life went away instantly. To day he is “saved to the uttermost” a disciple of Christ Jesus, walking by faith. delivered from drugs and his children are coming back to him.

    Wade Barrier Capt. USMC (Ret) two tours Viet. 67-68-70
    Saved 1975 as the result of a combat prayer. Been pastoring house fellowships for over thirty years, trained by the Navigators Ordained by large fellowship with over 1500 house churches in US. and Mexico. Preaching; “promoting obedience to the faith and making disciples for His Name sake”,(Romans 1:5, Amplified bible)

    Age 69, but can ride my bicycle 69 miles. Married for 46 years to the same woman my gift from the living God, Joyce.
    Four grown sons. I am a five solas brother, soli Deo gloria,
    (Glory to God alone)


  18. I am a Anglican presbyter, somewhat Reformed, but both friendly to Barth and R. Catholicism. I was raised Irish Roman Catholic in Dublin. Get over this Roman hatred, we had a Reformation, not a deformation. Get to know some real Judeo-Christian history and doctrine please!

    Fr. Robert (Anglican)


  19. irishanglican

    study your Bible. Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Not a priest. Not Mary. Surely not the Pope. We are justified by faith alone and not of works. Faith alone is not something Rome practices.

    I don’t think anyone hates people that are RC. They just hate the false doctrine that Rome spews out of its mouth.


  20. Shane,
    What makes the great Mediatorial possible, is the Incarnation of our Lord. This has never and will never cease! (Hebrews 9:24-28) This “once” is eternally far reaching!

    Fr. R.

    *We also, in our heart of hearts, tend to slur over the risen “manhood” of Jesus, to conceive Him, after death, simply returning into Deity, so that the Resurrection would be no more than the reversal or undoing of the Incarnation.” (CS Lewis, Miracles) Quoted in Gerrit Scott Dawson’s book: Jesus Ascended, The Meaning of Christ’s Continuing Incarnation, (page 5, P&R Pub.)

    Semper Fi! To Wade Barrier. I was a Royal Marine officer (mustang)…Also, I am just 60, I was at Phu Bai in ‘68 for a bit, on loan to your 3rd Force Recon, ad-de-camp with an intell officer. (Over 10 years total – broken time – RMRC , Royal Marine Reserve Commando, even went to Gulf War 1 in my 40’s)
    Keep the Faith!


  21. Irishanglican

    It was a hard place 3d Recon, I was in the 1st Bn. Danang. Our possibility of contact was prob. 50%, 3d Recon was more like 90%. Thank you for writing, Iv’e never heard from an RM. I spent 3 years in London 60-64 at the Embassy spent some time at Deal Kent and I must say, was treated like royalty, even had a Sgt.Maj. bring me morning tea in bed, do you believe that? I retited 1976 been preaching the “gospel” ever since, submitted not commited. I know very few “slaves” of God (Rom.6:22).

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    IHS (in His service)
    plowman Wade D.D.


  22. scriptures tell, that in the last days there will be a great falling away. i can only say, that what i have noticed in my last 30 years of my christian life, is as each year goes by, more saints turn to baal(compromise doctrines, )and the landmarks (of standards)that so many churches keep pushing further and further away. as saints we must not get so disapointed, instead we must continue to pray for our fallen saints that they will return to our heavenly Father and come back to the cross of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.. we must all continue to keep pushing on to a higher calling, running the race that is before us, in letting all those know how great Gods love, and his grace is far more sufficient than our tempers. but one day all saints, will be given their accountabilities to what they have said, and how they said it.what they have done, what they should have done, but didn’t! for the little time we have , to what ever time is left before our lord returns, we must press on, pray, fast and seek gods word, and his wil for our lives. i also find that the old gaither music, charles johnson and the revivers, that old gospel qurtet stuff.when i can listen to it, is more profitable for my ears than other stuff today..


  23. Subjective Christianity?

    The American Christian Church has slowley evolved into “meism” or subjectiveism.

    The same potential followers exist today, who only want to determine what the Lord Jesus is going to give them, as those that He ran off by the thousands, because He Knew them. The so called pastor, who does not confront them is just as full of guile as his bill payers are.

    May the living God, raise up again, men who understand that the gospel (the good news) isn’t about Him, but from Him. “Faith alone, in Christ alone”.

    Wade Barrier, a “plowman” (Luke 9:62)


  24. Wade Barrier,

    Sorry for the delay, just busy stuff.. and my dear wife is ill. Wow, tea from a Sgt.Maj., and in bed to boot! You must have had some rank and pull! lol

    Yes, I can remember those days with 3rd Force, great men…great Marines, God Bless them wherever they are now! Many are before the Throne no doubt?

    Best…”In Christ”,
    Fr. Robert


  25. Read quickly through above comments motivated by my mother discovering Kong Hee Ministries. Both my mother and I have enjoyed Joseph Prince minitry over the last year…Please in a nut shell, why do we feel alone to truth in the protestant church and find comfort in these ministries? Yet, viewing Hee’s wife’s blog, not hard to “see” the error. Please comment. Sincerely


  26. I don’t know much about Joseph Prince, but he does seem to be of the “Word-Faith” (AKA “pro$perity) mentality, as seen in this quote:

    I give thank for God for my roots in the Word of Faith teachings. It is truly on the shoulders of great men of God like Brother Kenneth E. Hagin that we are able to see further into the Word of God today. Growing up, I learned a lot about faith from Brother Hagin who truly had a special revelation of faith from the Lord. I deeply honor and respect him for all that he has taught me” (From Destined to Reign: The Secret to effortless success, wholeness and victorious living).

    So I would tell people to avoid him, just so they don’t get sucked into the $ame here$ie$ that get taught on channels like TBN (The Bla$phemy Network$).

    In a nutshell, the reason people find “comfort” in heretic$ like Kong Hee (or Je$$e Duplanti$ or Creflo $$$$$$ or the re$t of the crop of heretic$) is because these people don’t challenge their crowds. They don’t encourage people to examine the Scriptures in order to live lives of holiness to Almighty God. They simply tell people what they want to hear, leave them with a $mile on their face and a funny $tory in their heart–as they gallop head-first toward Hell and judgment.


  27. Hi Everyone,

    Maybe this is something that you guys can post. It’s from the Gospel Coalition Website, with Francis chan speaking about and showing the recent persecution in India.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Christ is All.

    Oops, the website’s URL is:



  28. Thank you for this site… I just happened upon it and I’m greatly encouraged to see that there are other defenders out there, willing to stand up even to those within the church and say “That’s not what Scripture says”. Thank you again



  29. My there are some pretty offended and defensive people out there…yeesh!

    I was pointed to your blog by my friend who runs ChurchSalt, y’know that crazy Texan who is always talking about the wrath of God, hell and repentance. You’d think that that’s all there is to Christianity. Well…yeah, I guess he’s right, because afterall, that’s what the Bible says.

    I have been quasi-saved for 25 years until all hell broke lose in my life. I have lost everything, including my three precious children. I have been referred to as a modern day Job, the only thing I don’t have is boils…yet! I have been broken, dropped by the hand of a sovereign God Whom I did not know, and now looking up I can see that I wasn’t saved and thank God, thank God, thank God (sorry crying again), I am now saved because I know that I was and am still a horribly selfish and ugly sinner and I am only counted “saved” by the grace of a holy God. I have cried more in the last two years of our struggle than I have ever cried in my life. I have wailed, yelled and shook my fist at God and have laid prone on the floor as my loving Father took me in His arms and spoke softly, “My son, My child, My son, My child…” I have experienced so much growth, so much stretching, so much pressure on my soul that I can scarcely recognize myself. I came from the prosperity movement and believed once that I was an extension of the Godhead. I hate myself for even writing that. The arrogance, selfishness and sickness of it all. Daily I come to God, broken contrite and humbled knowing that I am held together by the hand of my God, the God of the Bible, and as Paul Washer states, I can’t even tie my shoes without the power of God on my life.

    Thank you for your work. It has enriched my life, my blog and the life of those closest to me. Thank you for putting your necks out. Thank you for taking a stand and telling it like it is. Thank you for bowing your head to the Lordship and sovereignty of Jesus the Christ. I would deem it an honour if you felt led to communicate with me, I need to learn and grow, I have an unsatisfiable appetite for the things of God, and I thank Him here and now for you.

    Paul Bayne @ revivalandreformation’s blog


  30. Paul:
    Thank you for sharing your heart and your testimony. It brought joy to my heart to hear you have an “unsatisfiable appetite for the things of God”.

    I am a fellow reader such as yourself, and the Lord graciously led me to this site, for which I am very grateful. The contributors on this site are godly men and women who continually take hits from the deceived, as well as from the enemies of Christ, for their dedicated building up of the body of Christ, and their salt and light in a world overrun with false teachers and impostors who usurp so many of the pulpits today.

    I encourage you to look through many of the archived posts on this site for a wealth of Godly wisdom and instruction.


  31. Hi DavidW,

    You said it! Boy one could spend a lifetime looking through this site’s archives. Like a dying man finding an oasis…

    I thank God for this site and for the price they have obviously paid to speak the truth in the sight of all these ungodly giants.


  32. Was just looking around and saw my old mentor and teacher Wade Barrier on here. Greetings in Christ Wade.

    Mark Wright (USMC 1981 – 1993)


  33. Hi Pilgrim,

    I would like to ask YOU to please forgive me for labeling you as “garbage”. That was uncalled for as I broad brushed you and included you in something that didn’t concern you.

    Over the course of the last month I have sort of gotten to know you via email and you are certainly not “garbage” no matter what my definition of the word is. I humbly ask for your forgiveness Pilgrim.

    God Bless,



  34. Love the new look…thought I was on my site yesterday and was wondering why all of the sudden all of my articles had been changed and switched around…you ought to give a guy some warning…Looks good!


  35. Dear Defending Contending Director and Editor,

    I want to thank you and commend you for posting our Experiencing God through Deceitful Mysticism video and produced with former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett and invite you to visit our new website http://www.perfectpeaceplan.com



    This story was first reported on CBS Television News: “Assemblies of God Seize and Padlock local AG Church”

    My complete report on this story and Emerge Ministries, Inc., is now available at:

    My extensive investigation of Leonard Sweet and the Emerging Church will be released shortly for your highly esteemed consideration.

    Hope you will report this news.
    “Loren Davis is a missionary in Africa, and resident of Kenya , who has conducted major evangelistic crusades in Africa for a quarter of a century. He personally has witness the destruction that Rick Warren has wrought over there. This is a six minute excerpt of his recent riveting interview on Southwest Radio Church. He leads the fight in opposing Rick Warrens teachings and programs in Africa and has inspired a host of pastors in Africa to reject Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan. James Sundquist addresses what Rick Warren is doing in Africa in his book Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace in the Chapter ‘Purpose-Driven Country'” Todd Hudnell, an Assemblies of God Pastor, led the campaign in Kenya, on behalf of Rick Warren and the AOG General Superintendent George Wood has brought Warren fully aboard its national and international agenda to transform the AG into another gospel.”

    “We had a major victory in Kitale, Kenya. Rick Warren’s held a pastor’s conference targeting 1000 pastors, but after my CD about him was distributed in that area, only 100 pastors showed up. They were very disappointed.” Loren Davis

    Just posted by Berean Beacon:

    Sincerely in Christ,

    James Sundquist
    Rock Salt Publishing
    Perfect Peace Plan


  36. oh my God i love this site and the people behind it… im a christian for 20 years but only this time i learned the sovereign grace of God that most of pentecostal group dont know and teach either. im a former pentecostal,,, God bless us all…


  37. “Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.”

    What do we say to someone that thinks… “Calvinism is ‘almost’ right?”




  39. Oh please don’t make me laugh tonight! Well, let’s just say that when WordPress comes out with new themes you can be rest assured, I will probably try them out before any one else does! 🙂


  40. Hey Defcon Team:

    Great to suddenly find brothers and sisters contending for and defending the faith as handed down to us in Scripture. In Christ, we are and have everything. Without Him, we can do nothing. (John 15)

    I say suddenly, because just over two years ago God called me, after a life of success-seeking, to find true success as a 100% disciple of Jesus Christ. His calling came to me from the midst of the desert, and the burning bush was my career, businesses, and all other things of this world I was clinging to. Having the sense to let go, I plummeted into His arms, the arms of Christ. He set me on my feet, gave me a cross to carry, and bid me follow Him on His narrow pathway.

    Since then, I have been contending for the historic, Biblical faith as given us in the New Covenant, with Christ being the expression, beginning and end, of all God the Father is doing. He is all, and when we come to Him we must die, and He must live in us. Paul and the other apostles clearly taught what you are teaching, and I applaud you for speaking out and holding forth this Light, who is Christ.

    I submit to you my blog, and ask that you look at it, comment on it, and let me know what you think about the adherence to the Truth as given us in the infallible written Word. God gives me daily His thoughts from the Word, and I cannot stop, or slow down. I seek to defend and contend as you are, and have a readership that spans over 30 countries. These are all hungry for true, Biblical discipleship to Christ, without errors to the left or right. There are millions more out there seeking the Lord with all their hearts, but like I was, finding confusion and a babble of voices giving out Christian baby food, or downright Satanic lies.

    I was steeped in the evangelical traditions. I was a model “Christian” and leader from my youth. I loved God. Yet I lived in constant unhappiness, was enslaved to various sins, and though I knew the Word of God thoroughly, I could not seem to “make it work”. Now I know it is the Spirit’s work in us, and it is Christ’s work for us, that enables us to rest and be completed in Him.

    Grace and mercy to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an unfailing love,
    A. Brother (my pen name to avoid fame and fortune!)


  41. Hi Drake,

    Why the change of heart? Are your blog contents no longer a concern of yours (or your Presbytery’s), or did the privated posts take care of your prior concerns?

    In Christ,


  42. I recently watched some excerpts from the Elephant Room. http://jamesmacdonald.com/blog/

    I find it interesting that Macdonald would invite Perry Noble and Steven Furtick as some of America’s influential pastors to be on his elephant room panel. And I quote JM where he says “Three more clips from the Elephant Room. As I’ve written before, I walked away from this event challenged and convicted. And I remain deeply grateful for the impact each of these men have made on me personally.” What kind of impact has Furtick, Noble, and Driscoll had on Macdonald? Why has noboby challenge Macdonald with these questionable associations? He seems to be untouchable. I have always considered Macdonald’s preaching very sound. Now I am confused. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on this.


  43. Hello and thanks for the blog. You have some helpful material. I’m just curious if you have or could recommend any good materials on dealing with atheists and agnostics. I’ve realized this is becoming increasingly important since europe is heavily agnostic and America is right behind them. Basically I have tried to get them (atheists) to see that they put themselves in a box by their exclusive belief system but there must be some good questions that Im not thinking of.


  44. it’s not that beleivers have a hatred of Rome we just have an enormous love for truth .. there is a difference.. the RCC (as most of Christiandom’s denominations) doesn’t have truth [past the simple gospel of Jesus Christ, if they have that right which most do not) so ‘come out of her’ get a KJV bible and be saved by the gospel of GRACE, the gospel of Christ, learn how to rightly divide the word of truth and disciple others God’s way under our (we Gentiles) Apostle Paul! How? Here’s a challenge. get a KJV read Roman’s through Philemon several times before going back to read anything else. understand that the bible (for the most part yes there is SOME symbolism but the bible is not a book of mystery .. anymore) is LITERAL! Children understand in literal terms. God would not have made the bible full of hard to understand, secret meanings that only a select few could interpret if he calls even little children to be saved! http://www.lesfeldick.org is a good place to start. then look up GRACE TEACHERS and be set free from the bondage of false religious teachings of denominationalism and cults. there is simplicity in CHRIST, he says what he means and he means what he says. we are at liberty in this dispensation and like during the times of Paul evil men have crept in seeking to destroy it and put us back under the bondage of the LAW which Jesus nailed to his cross and took out of our way! We are not under the law but under GRACE! Until the RAPTURE we are free to do good works but we aren’t saved by them. we earn rewards but not salvation. there is nothing we can do to save ourselves or stay saved that is a doctrine of devils! all we have to do is BEIEVE GOD’s WORD! trust that what the bible says is true and believe it (Jesus) with all our heart, not ask Jesus to come into our heart which is not biblical.

    Revelation 18:4 – And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    2 Corinthians 11:3 – But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

    Galatians 2:4 – And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:

    Galatians 5:1 – Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

    Galatians 5:13 – For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

    Ephesians 3:2 – If ye have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which is given me to you-ward:

    Colossians 1:25 – Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God;

    Romans 11:13 – For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office:

    Colossians 2:14 – Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;

    Romans 6:14 – For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

    Romans 6:15 – What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.

    is not being under the LAW an excuse to sin? of course not! GOD FORBID! a true believer doesn’t WANT to sin! but to grow in grace and have a closer relationship with his / her LORD Jesus Christ! they are thankful that they have been forgiven of all their sins but the desire to go and commit more is not there like so many falsely accuse. Learn what Grace is really about!

    Galatians 5:18 – But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

    Saved under who’s gospel? Paul’s! why? because he calls it HIS!

    Romans 2:16 – In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel.

    Romans 16:25 – Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,

    2 Timothy 2:8 – Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel:

    there is much to learn! and it will excite you once you start to see these truths! God revealed the MYSTERIES to Paul for this DISPENSATION and none other.

    1 Corinthians 4:1 – Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.
    1 Corinthians 13:2 – And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
    1 Corinthians 14:2 – For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

    What about Peter? he directed his followers to listen to Paul at the end of his life, knowing he did not and could not UNDERSTAND what God was doing.

    2 Peter 3:15 And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is SALVATION; even as our beloved brother PAUL also according to the wisdom GIVEN UNTO HIM hath written unto you;
    16 – As also in ALL HIS EPISTLES, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things HARD TO BE UNDERSTOOD, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other SCRIPTURES, unto their own destruction.
    17 Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the ERROR OF THE WICKED, fall from your own stedfastness.
    18 But grow in GRACE, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

    He knew Paul taught GRACE mostly to GENTILES, which he could not fully understand being a law abiding Jew all his life. He thought Jesus was going to come and restore the kingdom (on earth) during his lifetime but when he realized he was about to die he understood that it wasn’t going to happen quite like he thought. just as all generations since have thought that the Rapture of the Body of Christ and the Tribulation of Israel (with the whole world) and restoration of the Kingdom ON EARTH would happen in their lifetime.. just as we. Even so, come Lord Jesus! PRAY AND SEEK TRUTH AND GOD WILL BLESS YOU. MARANATHA!


  45. Many thanks for doing this blog! Truly is a blessing, praying for you this Scotsman who now resides in California.



  46. I stumbled on this site while reading up on David Crowder, and I was really glad I did. Glad not that I found another act that sold out and embraced the popular worldview but that I came across a blog like this filled with people who have made it their life’s mission to follow the Lord Jesus Christ while attempting to emulate his characteristics.

    As I read through the comments I was reminded of Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone”

    I’m encouraged by the depth of your understanding of scripture and look forward to reading more of the articles and taking part in the discussions as I myself continue to grow in the lord and the understanding of his inerrant and holy word.

    I am part of the Brethren church from India and I am currently working on a small book detailing my experiences with the different genre in western secular music and the nuances I came across in the subcultures that are extremely detrimental to Christians, how it kept widening the gap between me and the love of the Lord. For 20 years I went from genre to genre studying the culture and indulging in activities that were a part of the communities that followed such music and finally I ended up broken and on my knees not knowing where to turn to.

    The Lord lifted me up from my wretched state and has been strengthening me each day, filling me with his spirit and teaching me everyday from his word. I will be praying for this blog and everyone who is a part of it and I hope you all will also remember me in your prayers that the Lord will use my life for his glory.

    May the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all and the ministry you have engaged in.


  47. I came across Ravi early this year and was completely overawed by his eloquence and thinking.

    I have read a few of the comments here and tonight someone from a group I belong to told me take Ravi’s video down as it was heresy. I am not a learned person or educated highly and getting into debate, any kind of debate is not what Jesus would have us do. If any admonishing is to be done it is to be done gently and with kindness not with any judgement or harshness. I have done the latter myself and learning the former for the former is how my Lord Jesus deals with me when I am in error and I have been taken off track many a time and mainly through Christians themselves.

    Such are the times we are living in to keep close just to Jesus alone. There is only book we need to read and it is the Bible for everything else comes from man. I love Ravi and I pray for him his heart is in the right place and even he said how much pressure he is under by satan on his podcast the other week and he knows of the temptations and pitfalls but Jesus knows them even better. Continue in pray for this man.

    I know of myself two mormons and meet many non-christians. I do not shy away from them but continue to speak of my testimony and love them. Jesus never shied away from the woman at the well being both a woman and a samaritan. Jesus spoke to the lepers, the sick, the outcast we cannot withdraw from the world. There are times we are sent into the darkness to be a light and sometimes we get enveloped in the darkness to our ignorance.

    We are all capable of falling into the wiles of the devil for he is crafty, so crafty we need Jesus every step of the way. Most christians feel they have cracked satan how wrong they are even the angels dare not accuse satan but said ‘The Lord rebuke you’. Let us not judge but humbly pray for each other fervently in these times.

    God bless you all ….. He who is able to keep thee from falling …. let us not grow weary of doing good to all.


  48. Due to a computer crash I lost track of your web page, Happy to find you again. I missed you guys.
    I have a few thoughts for articles for greater minds than my own to write

    A. The, great “apocity”, will usher in the great “apostasy”.

    B. the 3 faces of the same theological fallacy ” SINCE THIS THEREFORE THAT”
    1 Who sinned this man or his parents
    2 because of your lack of faith in faith.
    2 because of your lack of sanctification


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