Liberia Missions


Truth in Grace supports the church planting work of Bible Institute of Church Ministries (BICM) deep in the jungle interior of Liberia, West Africa.

BICM (Bible Institute of Church Ministries) strives to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into the interior of Liberia where the name of Christ has not yet been proclaimed. Unlike many mission organizations with costly overhead, 100% of all donations to BICM go directly to the work of advancing the gospel among the indigenous people of Liberia.

The Escalera family, after years of preparation, moved to Liberia, West Africa to teach the Word of God among the native peoples, particularly with the Kpelle tribe. While there, two village churches and BICM were established for the training of church leaders.

Unfortunately, a series of events including a collapse due to medical conditions (malaria and typhoid – both twice in three months) brought them back to the USA. The work continues though under the direction of Pastors Cyrus Smith and David Quinah, who were being trained by Mark Escalera.

The church-planting arm of BICM is headed by Pastor Cyrus Smith (pictured above). Cyrus was trained for ministry by Mark and continues to receive training materials and mentorship. The Lord has been gracious for BICM to see three new church plants started since the Escaleras left Liberia. To God be the glory!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Continue to pray for the work and prayerfully consider supporting these national pastors. For further information, you may email us at:

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