The following is an alphabetical list of pastors who Truth in Grace finds theologically sound and who we highly recommend for helping to strengthen you in your Christian walk. All of these pastors have been featured in our Sermon of the Week.

Albert N. Martin

Art Azurdia

Voddie Baucham

Alistair Begg

Brian Borgman

Tim Conway

Phil Johnson

Steve Lawson

John MacArthur

Akash Sant Singh

Russ Sukhia

Jonathan Sims

Paul Washer

James White


Many Christians suffer from a lack of sound, doctrinal, exposition of the Scriptures in their local churches. If you’re one who’s experiencing a famine of the Word, Truth in Grace is here to help.

Although we do not recommend substituting the fellowship with other Believers for internet fellowship, we know that oftentimes finding a church where the Bible is preached faithfully may be hard to do. 

36 thoughts on “Sermons

  1. Is there a reason why you guys don’t have John Piper on the list? …I browsed your site see that you are keen on discerning heresy, so I really want to know if there is a heretical doctrine/practice that John Piper does because he’s not on your list of approved preachers


  2. Dear Dennis:

    Thank you for you inquiry.

    To answer your question I’ve included some past DefCon links.

    Would the Real John Piper Please Stand Up?

    John Piper- Desiring What?

    Who Will be Sharing the Stage With John Piper?

    Perpetual Plummet

    Pied Piper

    Piper the Slope to Heresy

    And then there was the first hint of something terribly wrong in this post.

    – The Pilgrim

    P.S. Albert Mohler was going to be included in our list of endorsed pastors until he capitulated to the Romish ecumenical movement (as others in the past have) and signed the Manhattan Declaration.


  3. Dear Jason:
    I’ve been informed that Mahaney endorses Driscoll. Like Piper, it is sad to have to exclude these two (Piper & Mahaney) as I have enjoyed them both, but I (we) simply cannot endorse those who endorse Driscoll.

    Dear Dennis:
    Never heard of Zac Poonen, but Ravi Zahcarias was definitely excluded on purpose. See these previous DefCon posts on Ravi Zacharias for a better understanding as to why.

    Ravi Zacharias Fails to Preach the Gospel to the Mormons

    Ravis’ Descent

    Ravi’s Crash and Burn

    The Smoldering Ash Heap of Ravi Zacharias Ministries

    Even though our list is not all-inclusive, I hope this info helps to explain why certain preachers were purposely excluded.

    Stay the course & never compromise!
    – The Pilgrim


  4. This is from Zac Poonen’s website…..

    If you want to be born again, say these words to the Lord in sincerity from your heart, right now:

    Lord Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God. I am a sinner who deserves hell. Thank You for loving me and dying for my sins on the cross. I believe You rose from the dead and are living today. I want to turn from my sinful life right now. Please forgive me all my sins and give me a hatred for sin. I forgive everyone who has harmed me in any way. Come into my life Lord Jesus, and be the Lord of my life from today onwards. Make me a child of God right now.”

    God’s Word says, “As many as received Christ, to them He gave the right to become the children of God” (John 1:12). The Lord Jesus says, I will never reject anyone who comes to Me” (John 6:37). ”

    So you can be certain that He has accepted you.

    Then you can thank Him saying, “Thank you Lord Jesus, for forgiving me and receiving me. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me power to live for You. I want to please You alone from today onwards.”Copyright by Zac Poonen

    It’s pretty clear he teaches a salvation by works, he then states you can be certain God has accepted you if you repeat the aforementioned prayer {as long as you were sincere!}, which includes inviting Jesus into your heart. This is in direct violation with the biblical teaching of salvation by grace.


  5. Come on everyone. Don’t you know that “thou shalt ask Jesus into your heart” is in Rev3:23. It is included there because in verse 20 it says that He is knocking on your hearts door. ; )


  6. shane – you took that verse out of its context. “Jesus was knocking on the door” to a fellowship of people who profess Christ, not those who have not known Him.


  7. Yes it was a joke. Maybe not the best one. I thought Rev3:23 would be a giveaway. Using Rev3:20 as proof to “ask Jesus into your heart” really bugs me. Unfortunately that is how people use it.


  8. AR,

    It’s not that James MacDonald is “excluded.” This is not an all-inclusive list, and there are many pastors that we have not heard yet. Don’t feel like we are slighting him, we simply haven’t heard any of his material. If we do, and we believe him to be a man who speaks the truth, we may include him (this is not a promise that we will).


  9. Hey guys,

    I just have a question for you. I am a reforming man myself… And I am all for the foundational non-compromising truths of the gospel being taught and upheld in a day and age were so much psycho-babbling, man centered and pragmatic approaches to preaching are being implemented. My only fear is that at time we are somewhat in consistent with are dealings with others. Let me explain… I have noticed that you will not post Piper’s sermons on this site. That is within your ability and choice to do so, however, my question is how far are we to go in this. We are all growing even Piper. No one has arrived and no one has somehow reached a pinnacle of being all correct. This is why I hate the modern day use of the word reformed… It is so final. As if you are reformed you hold THE truth. I am reformed in my doctrine and I understand what is meant when we say it together. However, the issue is that we are all Semper Reformada (Always reforming). I know Pastor Voddie Baucham and I also know brother Paul Washer. My questions is are you now going to pull these men from your list because, Voddie speaks of his appreciation of Dr. Piper in his current blog and recommends him in certain areas? And are you now going to pull brother Paul because he promotes Piper to others (his books). I am just curious because in reading some of your reasons for pulling Piper, one must ask how are these different from Piper. By the way I am not saying I am for all the decisions that Piper has recently made and sometimes feel that yes, maybe he has made a couple bad decisions. However, I also believe this to be a dear brother in the faith and a man who in himself, like you and I has still much to learn. I am just not sure yet, that this man deserves the big drop just yet. This is purely an opinion. Thanks again for your site here. There seems to be some great information and resources here. I just saw this and was a little concerned that maybe we are being a bit hard when maybe it is not warranted.

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  10. I have noticed over the years within my faith (Pentacostal) that most Christians still worship sport over missions, money over sacrifice, status over service, and pride over humility. Ask someone, who proclaims to be a Christian, about what they truly enjoy, and you will find them to be as worldly as any atheist. Top 3 worldly pastimes:

    1) gluttony
    2) T.V. watching
    3) gossiping


  11. I forgot links in my Mark Kielar plug…

    Does God Predestine Some Men to Hell? (Double Predestination Explained Rightly)

    and here with Ray Comfort on Prophesy:

    Prophecy, Anyone? (Mark Kielar and Ray Comfort):

    Should We Ignore the Fact that the Vast Majority of “Seeker Churches” Operate Like Cults?:

    The Results of Charles Finney’s “Theology” (Kielar) [1of2]:

    The Results of Charles Finney’s “Theology” (Kielar) [1of2]:

    “Why is There Suffering?” (with Ray Comfort):

    All Our Righteousnesses Are As Filthy Rags:

    “Well, That’s Your Opinion…”:

    No One Can Come to Jesus Christ, Unless…:

    When Did it Become ‘Salvation By Faith, Through Grace’?:

    “I Used to be a Christian, But Now I Think It’s Rubbish.”:


  12. I just found your website and I was wondering why you have not included R. C. Sproul in your list of sermons. Thank you.


  13. “Any reason why James MacDonald (Harvest Bible Chapel) is excluded from this list?”

    It’s a good think he isn’t on the list, because he’s definitely drifting now, consorting with Steven Furtick, labeling people who disagree nazis…?

    and having Driscoll over for his “song of solomon” series… (ergh!) Shameful. Some of the other foci he’s had on things has alarmed me too, and made me smell “seeker” fumes on his breath.


  14. I truly believe that if you guys ever add anyone else to the sermon list, you add Steve Wohlberg. He is really really good!
    God Bless!


  15. hi guys im sure you have such a hard time filtering out the chaff from the wheat with regards to sound preaching, here are most of the speakers I would listen to, any comment you could give on them would be greatly appreciated. ligon Duncan, Pastor Edward Donnelly, Albert n Martin, James Montgomery Boice, Dr Joel R. Beeke, Dale Ralph Davis, Martin Lloyd Jones, Eric Alexander, by the way I already listen to half of the guys you have listed on the board. lol


  16. I would concur with Andrew’s assessment above me here………..Albert N. Martin and Ed Donnelly are two of my favorite men and are quite trustworthy.

    I wish to also add to the list: Pastor Mark Chanski of Harbor Reformed Baptist Church of Holland, MI, as well as Pastor Gary Hendrix of Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Mebane, NC. Pastor Jim Savastio from the Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, KY is also worth adding. These are very faithful men and they handle God’s Word well.

    Sovereign Grace Audio Treasures is a VERY good site as well if you’d like to hear sermons.

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  17. I wasn’t really aware of that about John Piper but those two heresies you explained (I forgot the first one, the second was the NPP) really can’t be endorsed or accepted. I’d have to agree with that.


  18. I will like to encourage you guys who run this web site. I was searching for a biblical article on “lesser of two evils” and your article is spot on. I shared it on my facebook page, along with a comment endorsing it. What prompted my search was that an American was interviewed at my church (I am from the United Kingdom). He was asked about his thoughts of a mormon in the republican party that in my Pastor’s opinion is endorsed by American Evangelicals. (I guess he does not include the likes of Br Joele Beeke as an Evangelical). This American then said that he has voted for the lesser of two evils, because President Obama has been promoting immorality in America. (He did not disclose who he voted for, but I guess that he voted for Romney). I did not like the statement Lesser of two evils, so I went to search on the internet and I found your article.


  19. Hmmm, leave out Piper but John MacArthur, who I do occasionally listent to, doesn’t really believe the literal blood of Christ was placed on the mercy seat. Spurgeon, Calvin, Matthew Henry, and other great reformers definitely teach the Blood of Christ was taken up to the mercy seat in heaven. And MacArthur takes those verses like “deny yourself and take up your cross” and applies them to the unsaved, as if there has to be a level of commitment before salvation can take place. God justifies the ungodly because of His mercy and Grace. Yes, all true believers have Christ as their Lord; but that isn’t a perfect commitment right away like Peter denying Christ, yet he didn’t have to be washed all over as Jesus told him.


  20. +Nelson

    If we were “perfectly committed”, we’d never sin. We would perfectly love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. I’ve read some of John MacArthur and certain things he says DOES make it SEEM like he’s saying it takes a certain “works” but I wonder if he’s really saying that or if he means “Those who are truly saved WILL turn from themselves more and more as a result of the spirit changing their hearts”?


  21. Dear Friends… You need to get Brian Schwertley on your roster — Maurice Roberts, Edward Donnelly and Joel Beeke too. Brian Schwertley is the man I call the “Street Fightin’ Preacher from Wisconsin” and… “America’s Martin Luther.” He is both orthodox and fearless. Not many around like him.


  22. Some of the links to these guys you shared are no longer available it seems but I have heard a few and agree this is a great list. God Bless!!


  23. I have pulled back a from Dr. Jonny Mack due to his position concerning the 100 fold blessing. In a recent sermon he proclaims the, “since this therefore that”, theology. “Since” he has been so faithful “therefore” God has blessed him abundantly. In the first place this a logical fallacy. He claims that there is only one possible cause for the effect. I know many Christians who have been at least as faithful as he is, yet have received no where near the same blessings, in this life. Does he really think that none of his children were still born or born severely handicapped or have died an early death nor gone astray is solely due to his faithfulness? If so then what is he implying about all believers who do not receive such protections and blessings?
    None of the Apostles received blessings as great as Johns. In fact at Paul’s conversion he was informed of all that he “must” suffer for Christ’s sake.
    This appears to be a twist on the blab it and grab it heresy. They teach that their faith in faith is the cause of all blessings.
    Teaching that all the super faithful, such as themselves, should and will literally receive the 100 fold blessing can shatter those who are enduring unending trials. It can heap great burdens of guilt upon those already are at wits ends. It is dangerously close to spiritual narcissism.
    I am dubious concerning the biblical justification for having pastors let alone exalting celebrity pastors.


  24. I have heard many messages from MacArthur, but I am not a MacArthurite. He does make mistakes, just as ALL believers do. He does not have all the answers apart from what we find in the Scriptures. T.I., there will NEVER be justification for exalting celebrity pastors, or even for celebrity pastors. However, there is plenty of biblical justification for pastors/teachers/elders to lead the congregation in the ways of God.


  25. I am not expecting perfection from any believer. Johnny Mack is doctrinally sound but this smacks of boasting in self while pretending to be boasting in God. I hope that I am wrong but I have also heard this from an adherent of Johns.
    Mark, I would pose a question or two. The word “poimen” appears 19 times. !8 times it is correctly translated shepherd. in Eph. 4:11 it is incorrectly translated pastor. But for this singular poor translation, no one would be aware of this mythical office. What is it in the Greek sentence structure that demands a diffing translation here? In fact this is snatched from the Latin not from the Greek.
    1 Cor. 14: 26-40 ( the most ignored passage in the NT ) repeats the theme 2 or 3 people this and 2 or 3 people that, over and over. Even the primary teachers had to share the pulpit in a single service. The other speakers would then, during the service test what had just been taught. The elderS were to keep all things in decency and order. This all was to be done in harmony with the leading of the Holy Spirit. Why exchange the Holy Spirit for a “pastor”? Why go from a participatory service to a spectator service? Why create a false clergy/laity divide? Is not the body also called a kingdom of priests? It is my belief that the office of pastor tends to suppress the free exercise of the gifts given to the rest of the flock. Even we cessationists have no legitimate grounds for discarding Paul’s instruction concerning how the church is to conduct itself when we gather together. I see no explicit or implicit directive from any Apostle to exalt one elder above the others, period. It was this path that eventuated the narcissistic imaginary office of the Pope.
    The word teaches much of respecting the elders, but never a chief elder.
    No epistle was ever addressed to a pastor or even mentions the local pastor or chief elder in the greeting.
    Going to Revelations 7 churches is a desperate stretch. the 7 stars are actually 7 angels who are actually 7 pastors, really? I call that presuppositional exegetics. That’s done when we presuppose a belief or doctrine and therefore impose our theology upon a text and pretend it is not practicing isagetics.
    Boy I hate it when your spell checker acts up. 🙂


  26. T.I., I would not use the angels of the 7 churches of Revelation to build a case for pastors. However, nowhere in the New Testament structure will you find a “house church” where anything goes. That is not the pattern God has established. Churches, more correctly assemblies of believers, are to be led by a group of godly men who lead by example and shepherd the flock of God.


  27. Mark I agree with you. Churches should not allow any such thing as, anything goes. Nor did Paul the apostle advocate such in 1 Cr. 14: 26-40
    Paul starts :12:1 with “concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant”. Paul continues this theme with painstaking clarity from there clear up to and including 14:25. In 26 he begins with “what then’ brethren, when you come together”. My interlinear reads ” What therefore is it,…”
    In modern vernacular ” so what is the point of what I wrote about in the last 2 and a half chapters” this is followed by “whenever ye come together…” This coming together, implies for fellowship, that is to say for a church service. EACH ONE ought to use the gifts assigned by the Holy spirit and the mutual edification of all and do so with decency and order.
    if we are to build upon the “God breathed” new covenant foundation laid down by the Apostles we should follow Paul instructions in this passage.
    We are not under the Levitical system of the old covenant. Nor should imitate the unbiblical “priest craft” of the RCC.


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