April 28 & 29, 2023 – Yellowstone Baptist Church

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Pastor Paul ministered for many years in Colorado. He retired from full-time ministry in the fall of 2020. He and his wife Becky have settled in a small town in South Dakota to be nearer to their daughter’s home. His ministry continues with a special emphasis in Latin America and is called 5 Solas Ministry.

Because he is bilingual, he is able to travel and teach in many places that are in great need spiritually. He is very committed to instructing pastors in sound doctrine, especially the glorious Doctrines of Grace. This is a link to his Mission Statement.

Tedd Mathis


Pastor Tedd Mathis has been married since 1980. He and Dawn have three adult children, Kate, Sam & Alison. He pastors Pueblo West Baptist Church in Pueblo West, Colorado.

Tedd grew up on the plains of Wyoming. The Lord brought him to faith in his late teens. He worked in the newspaper industry for 11 years before heading off to Bible college in preparation for becoming a pastor. He has been a pastor in Wyoming and Colorado and has also tried his hand at building custom furniture and home construction.

Mark Escalera


On November 29, 2020, Yellowstone Baptist Church called Mark Escalera to serve as new pastor. He and his wife, Violet, served as church-planters in England and Liberia, West Africa. He provides training materials and serves as the International Mission Consultant for Bible Institute of Church Ministries – Liberia.

Mark also served as a pastor in the Carson City, Nevada area for five years. They have three grown sons, who all served in the USAF, and their two 16 year old girls are homeschooled. Mark & Violet have been married for 33 years.

His love for missions and a commitment to Biblical truth drives his desire to proclaim the glory of God to the nations.