Ravi Zacharias fails to preach the Gospel to the Mormons.

Ravi Zacharias at Mormon Temple

A blogger had high hopes that Ravi Zacharias would preach the uncompromised Word of God to the Mormons:

Ravi Zacharias To Speak at Mormon Temple in November, 2004 per this online article . I hope and pray that Zacharias, Christianity’s most brilliant apologist, philosopher and author will preach the uncompromising and unadulterated word at this event.

Sadly, this blogger’s hopes and prayers did not come to pass:

Dr. Richard Mouw, who is President and Professor of Christian Philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, also spoke at this event. He let the the above blogger down too. Article at Mormon Research Ministry.


5 thoughts on “Ravi Zacharias fails to preach the Gospel to the Mormons.

  1. I am thunderstruck that Ravi does not CLEARLY explain the difference between Jesus Christ and the counterfeit jesus of the Latterday Saints. I’m no scholar but these people NEED to know they are worshiping a False god and are in error and grave danger. Why not forget the spin , the shmoose and the well oiled avoidance and just simply and plainly tell them they are worshiping a COUNTERFEIT jesus and after making that crystal clear continue with the apologetic. Its COMPROMISE and he is deceiving himself. I’m so sad.


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