St. Clare: Patron saint of television?

Yep, this is no joke. Here’s the news article that explains the whole thing.

Apparently St. Clare (who lived during the 1200’s, just a few short years before the invention of the television . . . eh, hm), is the patron saint of the boob tube. And 

And for those who refuse to accept the Bible’s declaration that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between men and God, there’s even a prayer to Saint Clare.

So what’s the difference between St. Clare and the other Catholic farces like prayer pills and the St. Joseph statue? This farce was actually given legitimization by Pope Pious XII on Valentine’s Day 1958 when he declared Clare the patron saint of television.

The traditions of men are truly stranger than fiction.

11 thoughts on “St. Clare: Patron saint of television?

  1. In all fairness as of late the professing evangelical Protestant church has been giving Rome a real run for her money in the race to see which can spiritually prostitute and debase themselves in the most spectacularly blasphemous forms of idolatry.

    Let’s at least give Mystery Babylon due credit for defending that which at least used to be her undisputed and undivided turf.


  2. I was really shocked to read this article. All this time, I thought it was Joyce Meyers! My disappointment knows no bounds. All those poor deluded gullible mush-fed evangelicals are just going to have to be disappointed with me.

    You can see why it was so easy to be misled though, can’t you? There are several similarities between the statue of St. Clare and JM!

    1. They are both women.
    2. They are both professors of false teaching.
    3. They are both in front of the television screen.
    4. They both have offerings to give you (provided you send in your seed gift).
    5. They are both fake.

    Ahem, it must be late! LOL On a serious note, Pilgrim, you are correct in that the traditions of men truly are stranger than fiction. CD, I agree wholeheartedly that the professing Protestant church is trying to spiritually prostitute herself in order to stay in the race with the harlot of Rome.

    What makes it even worse is when people like Joyce and others are so willing to embrace the false doctrines that our forefathers died taking a stand against in order to be all things to all people. Now of course, it is important to be all things to all people and of course as the average American spends 4 hours a day in front of the boob tube then each faction should have their little icon to worship!

    Whoever said idolatry was confined to the heathen living in stone age existences has never bothered to examine the hearts and lives of professing Christendom and seen that it is little removed from the RCC or any other religion that mocks the God of heaven.

    Sick of Idolatry,
    The Desert Pastor


  3. It’s amazing how ignorant people can be when they don’t understand something. Here is the story of St. Clare:

    One Christmas Eve, Clare was so sick that she could not get out of bed even to go to mass. While the other sisters were on their way to mass, she lay in her bed, sighing, “See Lord, I am left here alone with You.” Just then, the Lord granted her a miraculous vision to be able see the Mass from afar, as if it were taking place right in her own bedroom. In 1958, when Pope Pius XII was trying to find a saint to give as patron for the marvelous new invention of TV, he recalled this incident in the life of Clare. Since “television” is Greek for “vision from afar”, Clare was chosen as its patroness.


  4. Bridget,

    The question is not about ignorance of the story for that is readily available to any person with enough intelligence to surf the internet. The real issue with this is again that the Lord God of heaven makes it clear, “You shall have NO other gods before me. You shall not bow down to worship idols made of human hands.”

    The story would have been a true miracle had Clare recognized her sinful nature and her need of a Saviour otherwise she would be headed for a Christ-less eternity in eternal punishment in the lake of fire.

    Then instead of being concerned of going to “mass” where Christ is crucified again and again at the beck and whim of a sinful priest or pope (who is just as much in need of a Saviour as every other human being who has ever lived or will ever live), she would have focused her eyes on the ever living Christ who was sacrificed once for sins.

    This is the reality, and the ignorance comes when people refuse to acknowledge that God is always right, and when not in agreement with God, humanity is ALWAYS wrong!

    Clare, Piux XII, you, I, and all our other readers may feel that we are good, moral upstanding individuals. Many may even feel that Clare and others like her deserve the recognition of the religious community.

    However, God makes it clear that all are sinners and have come short of His glory. That must include “saints” and “popes.” No person seeks after God unless the Holy Spirit draws that individual to the Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from religion and the trappings that go with it, every person deserves the eternal wrath of God. It is for this reason that Jesus Christ laid aside His glory to come and be the Sin-Bearer for all who would come in humility, confess their wicked sinfulness, and lean holy upon the finished work of Christ on the cross of Calvary.

    Now THAT is the miracle of true salvation and is much more important than bowing before a man-made object or praying to somebody who has not the ability to answer prayer (namely Clare, or Mary either for that matter).

    The true ignorance is that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see or that cannot see because of their sinful nature.

    Serving the Risen Saviour,
    The Desert Pastor


  5. True indeed, DP.

    And isn’t the whole notion of “patron saints” (Jude, Christopher, Clare, etc) a little bit like giving out Christ’s authority over “all things in heaven and earth” (Matthew 28:20) to the souls of dead men/women who have no more power over how these things are affected than the man in the moon? Isn’t Rome indeed saying “OK, this saint has the power to grant the wishes of those who are traveling, Jude has power over ‘lost causes’, etc?”

    That’s what happens when one uses the methods of dead, unregenerated men to interpret the living Word of the living God.


  6. BRIDGET’s post is half-correct. What she left out was that when TV was first introduced at the World’s Fair, The Catholic Church condemned it for being the “work of the devil.” As more and more congregants began purchasing TV’s The Church (as usual) found itself backpeddling to evolve with society… Alas, they miraculously “found” the story of Claire in the archives…


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  8. As Christians, we need to show the love of Christ to the world. Wars cannot be started between Christian faiths. It will get us nowhere towards Jesus. Jesus is the truth, and that consists of his life, death, and resurrection. We all need to live that out in this world, right now, and be willing to sacrifice for the good of others.


  9. Phil: It is not loving to let anyone merrily go into a Christless eternity holding to false beliefs, or presenting a false Christianity to the world. Love drives the Christian to warn others, so that they will repent that they may be saved. Our warfare is not carnal, but spiritual. We love the individual.


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