The Depravity of a 5 year old!

The following very sad article is a direct quote from FoxNews minus the actual names. This is but one more simple proof that children are NOT little angels.  They are wicked at heart and depraved enough to do whatever given the right materials, means, and availability.

At 5 (five) years old, he has already learned to get what he wants.  He has not learned the meaning of “NO!”  He has shown a great aptitude for showing forth his true heart condition – rebellion against authority!  However, don’t worry, a 12 year run in the public school system should prove VERY beneficial to his well-being. <sarcasm>  He will come out a well-adjusted individual with no fear of God and an increased appetite for self-pleasure!

Please do not think that I am calloused, because I am not.  My heart feels for the pain this little fellow has to endure along with that of his family.  What bothers me about all of this is that in his short 5 (five) years, he has been provided the wrong kind of teaching and entertainment.  It is quite possible that he does not truly realize the implications of acting out what he sees on Mr. TV.

“NEW YORK —  A 5-year-old boy is in critical condition with severe burns after he allegedly started a fire in his grandmother’s Brooklyn apartment to punish her.

“<The boy> was angry about being reprimanded and planned to burn his grandmother’s apartment down in revenge, police told the New York Post and MyFOX New York.

“The blaze at the apartment in the three-story building on K_________ Avenue broke out about 3 p.m. Monday, the Fire Department of New York said.

“Police said the boy called 911 on Sunday night claiming his grandmother had died, according to the Post. But firefighters arrived to find her unharmed. <The grandmother> tried to save her grandson, but he was engulfed in flames, so she escaped.

“The next day, <the boy> allegedly told friends he planned to burn the house down after <Grandma> wouldn’t let him go out and play.

“The blaze appears to have started when the curtains were set on fire with a cigarette lighter, the Post reported, but the FDNY said the cause is under investigation.

“<The boy> is being treated at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, according to”

One thought on “The Depravity of a 5 year old!

  1. Unfortunately this does not surprise me. I’d venture to say 95% (or more) of the children today are not taught to listen, to respect authority, and to understand that “no” means “no”. On any given day you’ll see children whining and crying in the store and parents just giving them what they want rather than deal with the inconvenience of discipline. Instead of telling little Johnnie or Sally that its time to go or time for bed they ask them if they want to go. (as if they need their children’s permission)

    This really irritates me because not only is it affecting our future society but it gives all children a bad name. With 5 children under toe people are always staring (sometimes with disgust) and expecting a nuisance. Even churches don’t want children to sit in on services because they see disobedience as the norm and therefore expect that all children will be distractions and that parents will do nothing about it. (my in-law’s church bulletin actually says please do not bring children into the service)

    Although my children are far from perfect we are constantly getting compliments about how well they behave in church or at a restaurant and its not because they are really all that great. Its simply because people are so accustomed to todays out of control youth that anyone who even appears to obey is an exception rather than the rule.

    I think if society just went back to two things that we’ve left behind, the word “no” and the rod, it would do a multitude of good for todays children.


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