Snortin’ Dust from Jesus’ Tomb?

More heresy from John Crowder and co in a hotel in Israel.  This is NOT from the God of heaven, but is clearly a manifestation of the presence of the evil one who masquerades as an angel of light.

4 thoughts on “Snortin’ Dust from Jesus’ Tomb?

  1. These guys go beyond ‘friendship with the world.’ Their actions, attitudes and words are blasphemous. I’ve watched a few videos and felt grieved. I can’t watch them again. I wouldn’t let my kids see this… if I had any. I’m sorry that I showed my wife their videos. Maybe I’m being hyper sensitive, but I’d rather be sensitive than callous to God’s holiness. I’d rather have the awe and innocence of a child, than the brazen and ugly pride of the worldly. I’m not saying I’m more one than the other; I’d fail miserably at a ‘holiness test,’ but by the grace of a loving and omnipotent God I strive for holiness.


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