Todd Bentley exposed as fraud


Unfortunately, we don’t have a category here called “News of the Obvious.” Because if we did, this would be at the top of the list. As if we needed any further proof that Todd Bentley was a liar, conniver, charlatan, false prophet, etc–in addition to the kicking, kneeing, motorcycle boots to the face, and all the other shenanigans that with the Bentley Brothers and Joyner and Branham Flying Circus™, here is a story about the list of those whom Todd Bentley Ministries claimed were MIRACULOUSLY HEALED!!

However, there’s a problem with some of those who were supposedly “healed.”

What’s the problem, you ask?

They’re dead.

I kid you not. From World Magazine (via A Little Leaven) [emphases mine]:

[W]hen [Christopher] Fogle got severe cancer, his relaxing fishing trips, which he sometimes took with his children, ended. It was a devastating blow for the active 45-year-old. But for Todd Bentley, television preacher and self-proclaimed healer, the cancer represented an opportunity to “proclaim the glory of God.” [Or was it more to proclaim “The glory of Todd“?–Ed.] At the height of what many called a revival, WORLD asked Bentley to talk about the healings, like Fogle’s, and asked for a list of people who had been healed at the services. His associates told me Bentley was out of the country and a list could not be produced. But six weeks and more than a dozen requests later, the ministry eventually sent a list of 13 names. Fogle was No. 12 on the list, along with this note: “Healed through the Outpouring and is back to fishing.”

That was on Aug. 8, 2008. There was just one problem. Two weeks earlier, on July 22, Christopher A. Fogle—according to his obituary in the Keokuk (Iowa) Daily Gate City, “left this life . . . after a courageous battle with cancer.”

Oops. But the fraud doesn’t end there. Read on [emphases mine]:

A review of the list nearly one year later reveals that Fogle is not the only person “healed” who is now dead. When I called Phyllis Mills, of Trinity, N.C., on April 22, to hear the testimony of her healing, a polite family member said, “Phyllis passed away a few days ago. In fact, we’re on our way to her funeral now.”

Any more? Yep [emphases mine]:

Another problem with Bentley’s list is that some of the healings, even if legitimate, didn’t happen at Bentley’s services. Gaila Smith, 53, of Yerington, Nev., was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, at age 43, and had what she called a “total mastectomy” at that time. But the cancer had spread to her liver. Over the next decade she endured more rounds of chemotherapy, the latest one ending in December. She eventually attended a women’s conference, where “God touched me,” she said. She says she was healed at the women’s conference, but when she attended Bentley’s meetings in Lakeland, they asked, “If you had experienced a miraculous healing, come forward.”Smith went forward and told her story, and she ended up on Bentley’s list, with this note: “Healed of breast cancer that had spread to liver. Totally healed in Florida, all scans are now clear.”

Not only did any healing take place elsewhere, Smith now admits that the scans are not now clear. “The doctors tell me that my numbers are going up,” said Smith, who told me that she, too, had a healing ministry. “But we don’t buy into that. That’s a fact, but it’s not the truth. The truth is that I’ve been healed.”

It’s a fact, but it’s not the truth. So if I say my bald head “is a fact but not the truth,” does that mean I have hair up there? But, he does have his supporters [emphases mine]:

“We don’t regret our time there at all. We saw many miracle signs and wonders. The Lord knew what was going to happen, but he chose Todd anyway. And there are still fires burning all over the world. How can you argue with that?”

Still fires burning all over the world. Hmmm, I was starting to wonder why I keep smelling sulfur.

And the downward spiral that is Todd Bentley continues. All that “counseling” he was going through because he is such a “man of God?” Man of God, huh? What kind of “man of God” does this sound like [emphases mine]:

In November, the Fresh Fire board said that Bentley was “not submitting” to the counseling and restoration process and that he was guilty of adultery…..On March 9, 2009, [it was] announced that Todd had remarried—to the same “former employee” with whom he had had the inappropriate relationship.

In clear violation of the word of God that he was supposed to be so dedicated to. Except, he was NOT committed to the word of God. He was too busy being led around blindly by “angels.” Of course, those weren’t God’s angels who were leading him through darkness. If only Fresh Fire had shown that kind of sense before this circus got out of hand. But, hey, since he’s going to be restored to the charismatic circus, why not learn from the worst [emphases mine]:

Bentley relocated to Ft. Mill, S.C., where according to statements he is undergoing a “restoration process” under the direction of controversial charismatic ministry leader [and rank heretic–Ed.] Rick Joyner…..Joyner admitted that Bentley’s remarriage was “wrong and premature,” but he said that Bentley’s restoration process would continue.

Expect the Bentley excuse train to start firing up the locomotive any time now.

6 thoughts on “Todd Bentley exposed as fraud

  1. This does not surprise me at all 4P. There was always something nudging at me saying that this man was a false teacher/prophet. I had a friend who was just so in love with this man that she couldn’t even see the evidence and clear contradictions from the Bible that Todd was making. Accused me of being judgemental and using that old line of “don’t touch God’s annointed”. It made me sad. But the more and more I was trying to talk to her and show her, I just had in time to shake the dust off my feet and leave her be. I still pray for her that she will allow the Lord to work in her.

    Thank you for this post.


  2. I grew up in the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. The fall of Todd Bentley led me to do a study about false prophets. I asked God for the wisdom to understand the truth and He gave it to me.

    I thank God for bringing me out of that movement. I have discovered that since I now go to a Baptist church that some of my family members think I have backslid. What is really scary to me is that their beliefs about salvation come very close to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Such as you have to work for your salvation and you have no hope of security. You won’t know if you will make it into heaven until you get there and etc…..

    Which if you believe you can lose your salvation or walk away from it, then you have no security. You may say that you do, but you really don’t. The AoG believe you can walk away from it. How could you walk away from the sealing of the Holy Spirit and the GREATEST THING TO HAPPEN TO A PERSON?

    I have tried to show those same family members from the Bible that they can security, but they say that they don’t want to know any different. It worries me if they are really saved.

    I can’t imagine anyone going through life claiming to be a Christian and not have the security of knowing they are saved. I was in 10 years of missery living like that.

    Praise Jesus He has shown me the truth.

    I could go on and on about how the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement is addicting. I have one family member that believes in the security of a Christians salvation, at least they say they do, but they go to a church that teaches different so that they can have the “experiences”. I can’t go where I disagree with what is taught. Especially the security of a believer.

    Hopefully Todd’s fall will open the eyes of others as well.


  3. God’s Kid,

    Your comment has been shredded for two reasons:

    1) It made absolutely no sense. It was simply a rambling, incoherent jumble of ideas that was, in actuality, waaaaaay off-topic.



  4. It is a travesty that this man, who is in contact with Familier spirits (hence his extra biblical revelations) is in a position of influence over so many. I pray to God that those who believe in this, the sacred name as Hebrew roots movements would just go back to reading the Bible, and not the watered down New American Standard either.


  5. Every single faith healer is a fraud. God used men during the founding of our church to spread the gospel. There were some miracles performed to show they were legit. That age is gone. Pkease stop falling for this. You want a miracle? Ask Jesus to come into your life via the holly spirit and see how wonderful God the father really is.


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