A Tribute to the VBS Syndrome


Sadly, ’nuff said because it is all too true in far too many churcheskids’ clubs.

HT: The Sacred Sandwich

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to the VBS Syndrome

  1. I am thankful that you posted this.. my little granddaughter just finished a week at a kids camp where they learned bible verses as a song. She can sing the song but she has no clue what it means, it was very disheartening to me.

    Oh for a VBS that only teaches the bible in a way that children can understand. Oh for teachers that love the Word of God and have a heart to teach bible truths..


  2. You know, I remember hearing Paul Washer saying that he wouldn’t send his own children to over 90% of the Sunday Schools & VBS programs. He actually has a very good point, because, as Washer pointed out, what goes on is that they tell some nice stories about Jesus & then ask kids how many of the kids love Jesus.

    Furthermore, I think that one problem that has become a major issue in Evangelicalism is the dumbing down of Christianity for children. I mean, there’s a video on youtube called “How to Make Your Child a False Convert” (http://defendingcontending.com/2008/12/22/how-to-make-a-false-convert/ ) that illustrates my point.


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