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“The urge comes on me at times to write in scathing terms articles for these piddling little magazines of ‘comfort and kind words for God’s little flock.’ Baloney! When are we going to rise like men and face the world squarely? This driveling nonsense which condones inactivity because of the apostasy of the day needs a little fire to show up the downright ungodliness it hides. We cuddle around the Lord’s table as though it were the last coal of God’s altar, and warm our hands, thinking that will appease the wrath of the indignant Christ when He charges us with the unmet, unchallenged, untaught generation of heathen now doing their Christmas shopping. It makes me boil when I think of the power we profess and utter impotency of our action. Believers who know one-tenth as much as we do are doing one hundred times more for God, with His blessing and our criticism. Oh if I could write it, preach it, say it, paint it, anything at all, if only God’s power would become known among us! ICHABOD!”

– Jim Elliott

1927 – 1956

3 thoughts on “Quotes (589)

  1. There is a place for comfort, of course, but Jim Elliot is vigorously obeying here the time-worn saying that a preacher should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Much of the church leadership in America today is applying bandaids to paper cuts, oblivious of a world of souls going to hell. In modern apostate churchianity, Christ is the missing cornerstone, Spirit-filled, truth-based worship the missing jewel, repentance & brokenness the missing foundation, and challenge to wholehearted, sacrificial living the missing message.

    Jim Elliot Quotes:

    “You wonder why people choose fields away from the States when young people at home are drifting because no one wants to take time to listen to their problems. Ill tell you why I left. Because those Stateside young people have every opportunity to study, hear, and understand the Word of God in their own language, and these Indians have no opportunity whatsoever. I have had to make a cross of two logs, and lie down on it, to show the Indians what it means to crucify a man. When there is that much ignorance over here and so much knowledge and opportunity over there, I have no question in my mind why God sent me here. Those whimpering Stateside young people will wake up on the Day of Judgment condemned to worse fates than these demon-fearing Indians, because, having a Bible, they were bored with it—while these never heard of such a thing as writing.”

    “What good are Greek, commentaries, insight, gift, and all the rest, if there is no heart for Christ?”

    “Behold, the Son of God comes! One flash of His burning eye will melt all our polished marble and burnished gold to nothing. One word from His righteous lips will speak destruction to the vast rebellion we call the human race. One peal of His vengeful laughter will rock the libraries of our wise and bring them crashing to a rubble heap. The wise shall be taken in their own craftiness; mountains shall be brought low. What shall abide that Day? Lo, He that doeth the will of God shall abide for ever. Church of God, awake to your Bridegroom! Think not, America, to say in your heart, We have upheld the common man; we have the godly for our heritage; we have respect to the religions. I say to you, God is able to raise up righteousness from your pavement stones. You have nothing but awful show before Him Who comes. O that Thou wouldst bow the heavens and come down!”

    “Laodicea, when will you learn that fullness without Him is vacuum? Oh, the awful emptiness of a full life when Christ stands yet without.”

    “I may no longer depend on pleasant impulses to bring me before the Lord. I must rather respond to principles I know to be right, whether I feel them to be enjoyable or not.

    “I lack the fervency, vitality, life, in prayer which I long for. I know that many consider it fanaticism when they hear anything which does not conform to the conventional, sleep-inducing eulogies so often rising from Laodicean lips; but I know too that these same people can acquiescently tolerate sin in their lives and in the church without so much as tilting one hair of their eyebrows.”

    “Our young men are going into the professional fields because they don’t ‘feel called’ to the mission field. We don’t need a call; we need a kick in the pants. We must begin thinking in terms of ‘going out’, and stop our weeping because ‘they won’t come in’. Who wants to step into an igloo? The tombs themselves are not colder than the churches. May God send us forth.”

    “Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.”

    “No fruit yet. Why is it I’m so unproductive? I cannot recall leading more than one or two into the kingdom. Surely this is not the manifestation of the power of the Resurrection. I feel as Rachel, ‘Give me children, or else I die’ (diary entry, Jan. 1948).”

    “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

    “Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

    “Oh, the fullness, pleasure, sheer excitement of knowing God on earth!


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