Entertainment Tonight, Or Home Failures?

There will be many who would question my thoughts on this post, but before you comment or leave mad, I would implore you to consider the words of Scripture to see whether we have been truly led astray or whether what we set in front of our eyes and our children is really nothing more than harmless, mindless entertainment.

Let’s consider a few “harmless” movies and see if this is truly honoring and glorifying God in what they portray. These little insights can be found from Plugged In Online, which I highly recommend the reader to use when considering what will be shown to the family while enjoying a bowl of popcorn or ice cream. We will consider some of the worst aspects as there are plenty of people who will seek to point out the good that can be learned from watching the slurry that exudes from every pour of Hollywood.

Avatar – This movie has been covered in a recent post, but a few aspects to consider – “Both men and women wear little more than loincloths, and the race’s catlike tails don’t fully obscure their backsides. Neytiri and other Na’vi females wear ornamental coverings that don’t really conceal their breasts…a female pilot wears a tight, cleavage-revealing tank top. [Characters] are seen unclothed while strategically wrapped in vines. [The two main characters] consummate their relationship in a sensuous scene that shows them kissing and intertwined. They sleep together afterward and are said to be ‘mated for life.'”

Valentine’s Day – Great chick flick, right? Words better describing this entertaining movie for couples would be fornication, adultery, homosexuality, etc.

Dear John – another tear-jerker of a movie? – Again, fornication plays a part of this movie as does taking both the name of God and the Lord Jesus Christ in vain.

How about for the kids?

Where the Wild Things Are – only rated PG but manages to use the “d” and the “h” word along with taking the Lord’s name in vain a few times. What in the world are we teaching our children when this becomes acceptable? By the way, what is the operative number of times needed before the movie gets turned off????

Sherlock Holmes – Surely, just a remake of the old Basil Rathbones, right? Well, only if you throw in far too many sexual innuendos, drunken and debauched behaviour, and the Lord’s name taken in vain.

The Twilight Saga – Perfect for those nights your teenage girl wants her friends over for a great “Christian” sleepover. After their ears are filled with enough swear words to last a month along with the Lord’s name in vain, their eyes will have enjoyed the allure of vampires and humans longing to be with each other no matter what the cost.

2012 – For those who take an avid interest in wanting to know how the world will end according to Hollywood in 2 years, you will have 2 whole years to ingest the following details taken directly from Plugged In Online – “One f-word. Four s-words. Nearly 20 misuses of God’s name (paired with “d‑‑n” at least five times). Jesus’ name is abused twice. “A‑‑,” “h‑‑‑” and “b‑‑tard” are also blurted out. An obscene gesture is made.”

Dear reader, that is enough for now as we have not the time nor the inclination to review all movies both current and past for those who come to DefCon. However, the question you need to ask yourself is not, “Does this movie allow a good expression of the modern culture?” It is not, “Will I have a great time with my family or my wife as we waste the next two hours?” It is also not, “Does this movie portray POSITIVE elements that outweigh the ‘handful’ of bad things that might be in the movie?”

We are to be seeking to live a holy life in EVERY area of our lives before God and succumbing to the wiles of the evil one (via Hollywood and the silver screen) is a great way for your home to end up as a failure. It is about far more than just being entertained and having a great date with the wife or a “family” night at home (or at the movies) with the kids.

The questions should be, “Does EVERY aspect of this movie glorify God and bring honour to His HOLY name? Does this movie fill my mind with images that create lustful desires or does it point me to live more like Jesus Christ? Does this movie fill my ears with words that make my soul cringe or does it use wholesome speech that edifies my soul (you can also use this for preachers like Mark Driscoll as well)? Does this movie demean sex and the holy covenant of marriage or does it exalt the God-given responsibilities which help my spouse and I to be thankful for what we have learned and that we can implement in our own marriage?

In the words of several of the Psalms — Selah. Meditate on these things!

8 thoughts on “Entertainment Tonight, Or Home Failures?

  1. Well, I have not seen any of the movies mentioned, nor do I intend to.

    I rarely watch TV, there is no profit in it. Even if it is a family programme, does not mean it is not time wasting.

    I happened to see a programme in which people in their 40’s still had no idea how to cook.

    There wasn’t anything in it vulgar etc, but it is still time consuming. The only plus side was that I got my children in the kitchen. They need to know how to cook now!

    Psalm 101v3, ‘I will set nothing wicked before my eyes, I hate the work of those who fall away, it shall not cling to me.’

    God sees what we see, what we watch, what we think. He knows if those thoughts are for Him or against Him.

    If we go around thinking about godless movies and programmes, that go against God, how does that glorify Him and put us in right standing with Him?

    Its scary.


  2. Many thanks for this rebuke. While I have not seen any of these – nor do I intend to – far too many hours have been wasted with worthless stuff. We sinful saints need reminders – press on and keep on putting such in front of us!


  3. I have a question I would like answered, I’ve posted this here because I believe that more people would view the most recent articles. I am a born again Christian since 2006, I have not yet been baptised by water. I do know personally of its symbolic outward revelance. This delay comes from “False” churches, teachers, etc… etc…

    Most churches that you are baptised at usually require new members class and basically a acceptance that you will become part of their church and following water baptism so..but anyway other than my reasons. I’ve always understood that water baptism is not required for salvation. So I began to read on articles dealing with this from a couple sites I frequent. (who are reliable I would say and very informative as many of you would agree to, I believe) And they have opposing views. which unknowingly to each other refutes each others arguments.

    Not required


    Whats your understanding on this, for those who have studied salvation and water baptism. Thanks for any help. God Bless.

    May you direct the above post to a more suitable article or even it would be helpful to present a new article on water baptism. Thanks!


  4. “We are to be seeking to live a holy life in EVERY area of our lives before God …”

    Yes, indeed the road for the disciple is narrow and too many “Christians” so easily forget that there are only two roads and they are distinct.

    Excellent post, thanks!


  5. Desert Pastor,

    A wonderful post. Thank you. This provides a good counter to the emergent mindset which teaches that Christians should partake of worldly entertainment to be better able to “relate” to the world. We don’t need to wallow in their muck to relate to them. We’ve already been there and Jesus has delivered us from it.


  6. My wife and I haven’t watched TV in almost 10 years now, I can only imagine how bad it’s gotten. We just got rid of our TV the other day before our move, because we couldn’t justify having that one-eyed monster taking up precious space any longer (it was used for nature movies and such). I conduct a Bible study on Friday nights in our home and am constantly exhorting the group to be sensitive to what they watch, or better yet get rid of the TV. Week after week, they come back telling the group about the latest movie, reality TV program or new movie coming out. I sit there and stare at them with a look of awe on my face. The week before, they all sit there nodding and agreeing with the importance of purity, holiness and avoiding the very appearance of evil yet…I liken it to someone going into a store and buying a bag of potatoes. There is only one good potato (TV program, movie, song…) in the bag, but they are willling to pay for the entire bag just to get the one potato that will be rotten soon enough, hanging around all the other rottenness. It gets frustrating sometimes to say the least.


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