Papacy Set to Recapture the United Kingdom


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Mother Rome has never been satisfied in looking back at her days of infamy when she sat as a gueen over the nations of the earth.  Instead, she is ever looking ahead devising means to once again reign supreme over all peoples of the world.  In light of this, a very important development is transpiring where él Pope is on his way to the United Kingdom in the fall.  Please read the very imporant article from Berean Beacon and forward to others who may be ignorant as to this harlot who rides the beast.  bro Michael


[Following From Berean Beacon]

Pope Benedict XVI will be visiting the U.K. September 16-19th.

Government and church leaders are already welcoming the upcoming event.  Significantly, the visit comes less than a year after December 1, 2009, when the Treaty of Lisbon went into effect in the European Union.

One of the major features of the Treaty is that it “introduces a single, legal personality for the Union.”

Consequently, the U.K. has to a large extent been subsumed under the legal entity of the European Union.  Now, in our time, 477 years after King Henry VIII opened the conflict with the Papacy, the Pope comes officially as the head of a sovereign civil state to address British civil society at both houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall.

Equally important, he comes as head of the Roman Catholic Church in order to re-establish Roman Catholicism as the religion of U.K.

This upcoming event needs to be seen in its proper context, which is what we have done in the article entitled, “Papacy Set to Recapture England.”

12 thoughts on “Papacy Set to Recapture the United Kingdom

  1. The Lord God of Heaven sits on His throne and laughs at Rome. He will prevail against all stripes of the devil’s army. Let the redeemed of the Lord stand firm and rebuke those who give aid to the enemy of God.


  2. I am very pleased that the divisions between Anglicans (Church of England) and Rome (the Catholic Church) will be healed.


  3. The cancer of Rome attempts to spread to the body of Christ.

    “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (Revelation 17:14)


  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the link. It’s no surprise that a religion of the world is so entrenched in and enamored of the world.

    From the article:

    In pointing to his conviction that now was the time for a revision of the world’s financial system, in that which he described as “a new time” of “profound reflection,” Benedict highlighted the crusading language he had employed in his widely publicized encyclical “Caritas in Veritate” calling for a new financial and economic system. In that encyclical endorsing the application of Catholic social doctrine on the global order, the pope highlighted that “he had encouraged the world of ‘economics and finance to focus on the person, whom Christ revealed in his profoundest dignity. Moreover, while recommending that politics not be subordinate to financial mechanisms, I encouraged the reform and creation of an international juridical and political order (adapted to global structures of economy and finance) in order more effectively to achieve the common good of the human family’” (ibid.).

    That is pure, unadulterated Catholic social doctrine: the merging of the religion of Rome with a universal social order that dictates juridical, political, economic and financial control. It is the very philosophy that underpinned the institution of the Holy Roman Empire of old. Its outcome is prophesied in your Bible in Revelation 13.


  5. But I want to know what protestantes like you think of pope, he share so much with you on gays, women, no good sex no marriage, this is the same as you no?


  6. Angelico, thanks for your comment. Having the same views on homosexuals, women in ministry, and sex outside of marriage does not mean a person is in agreement. The pope is the head of a religious organization that leads people astray by its false teaching. I would highly recommend spending time reading some of our blogposts about the truth of the Roman Catholic Church. Any religion that focuses on a sinful man instead of the Sinless Christ is anathema (accursed) in the Bible.


  7. So I see if I understand correct, you have same view as holy father in Roma but you no agree?? My English not as good like yours but that make no sense!


  8. Angelico, let me illustrate. If I like driving a Mercedes Benz and the Pope likes to drive a Mercedes Benz, does this make us the same? No, of course not!

    I can agree with a Muslim or a Jew that killing babies through abortion is murder in the eyes of God, but that does NOT make me a Muslim or a Jew.

    The Roman Catholic Church holds to similar views in regards to culture or social ethics, but when it comes to theology, they are teaching traditions of men and not the Word of God. Traditions, culture, and man-made religion makes up the bulk of the RCC teaching.

    What we at Defending Contending hold to is nothing but the Word of God. Our goal is to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Basic summary – RCC teaches that man can worship and pray to Mary and the saints. They worship a Jesus that is still on the cross. Their priests claim to bring Jesus down from heaven every time they perform the mass and literally eat His body and literally drink His actual blood – this is nothing less than cannibalism! RCC teaches that the pope speaks with authority and that man is to seek forgiveness and repent to other totally depraved sinners called priests. RCC teaches many things that are contrary to the Scriptures and will only condemn a person to hell forever if they continue to follow the ways of Rome.

    I hope this clarifies. If it does not, feel free to ask further questions.

    The Desert Pastor


  9. My friend, he go to Barcelona this week for same-sex kiss in in front of Pope. It was very life-affirming! But you, you no like gays, I think you are bigoted Christian, just like holy father is bigoted, deny that if you can! I no see Christ’s compassion for outsiders in your site, you only say everyone must be like you, again like pope, he say he infallable just like you!


  10. Angelico,

    Christ reveals the way is narrow (Matthew 7:13-21)- one might say bigoted, which means unaccepting of other (false) ways.

    The Lord also confirms that ALL sex outside of marriage is sin and that marriage is ONLY between one man and one woman.

    As The Desert Pastor said, common issues do not make union. The Roman Catholic Church is aligned with anti-Christ – not the Lord Jesus Christ. Blood-bought children of the living God do not have unity with cults that deny the deity and sufficiency of Christ Jesus.


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