Quotes (758)

“We will deal treacherously with the Bible records if we are not soaked in the revelation that God alone is good. We will put the saints on the throne, not God. There is only one unshakeable goodness, and that is God. It takes time to get there because we will cling to things and to people. Those of us who ought to be princes and princesses with God cling to the shows of God’s goodness instead of God Himself. The only influence that is to tell in a servant of God is God. Let people think what they like about you, but be careful that the last thought they get is God. When we have gone from them, there must be no beauty or fascination in us that makes them long for us, the only remembrance left must be, ‘That woman was true to God’, ‘That man was true to God.'”

Oswald Chambers

3 thoughts on “Quotes (758)

  1. Such reminders are warranted – as we tend to cling to His provision rather than Himself; elevating our needs and desires as idols to be satisfied by divine measures.

    Let all who claim Christ walk humbly and exalt the Lord alone.


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