Amazing Grace? – Endorsing Homosexuality

Dear Friends,

I wanted to pass on some information that I feel is very important. Romans 1:32 states, “Who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.”

Just this morning, I received some information in regards to Philip Yancey who is the author of several books including, “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” Not only is he heavily involved in Contemplative Mysticism which is sweeping through the ranks of evangelicalism, but he is also now endorsing the perversion known as homosexuality. He is the keynote speaker at the January 2011 “Gay” Christian Network Conference. I expect that the musical line up might even include people like Ray Boltz, who is an openly practicing homosexual.

Sadly, there are those who surround him who also refuse to take a stand and this includes Radio Bible Class and Our Daily Bread (whose demise we have already written about previously). These ministries are a far cry from what Dr. M.R. DeHaan began many decades ago. I do not believe for one minute that he would have allowed the drivel that now makes up much of what is offered by these two religious organizations. Philip Yancey is not just quoted in Our Daily Bread but is an active contributor and has been since 2008.

I would encourage us to stand fast for the faith. In these last days, many will fall away if they were even a believer to begin with. For what it is worth, a true believer could NEVER condone the sexual perversions that are becoming more and more acceptable in these so-called modern times. God never changes, and homosexuals and those who approve those who practice such wickedness are not true believers nor will they ever be until they come to full repentance.

In His Sovereign Grace,

The Desert Pastor

6 thoughts on “Amazing Grace? – Endorsing Homosexuality

  1. This proves the point once again, too many follow their favourite teacher, author. They really dont care what the Bible says as long as their favourite says it, then its gospel. The goats are the ones giving fame to the apostates and sadly this will go on till the return of our Lord and Savior.


  2. It sadly is not surprising. Compromising on any significant point of Scripture – which Yancey has done consistently – will lead to other, more gross departures.


  3. I contacted the Daily Bread about having a contributing editor such as Yancey who is soft on homosexuality, favors ecumenicalism for the Church, and a supporter of contemplative prayer.
    The letter i received back from Daily Bread had the following quote: “Why would we not use an editor just because he has different opinions than we do?” Because of this disturbing lack of discernment for apostasy in their midst, I no longer support Radio Bible Class.

    “And in the last days, men shall depart from the faith and embrace doctrines of demons.”
    I Timothy 4:1


  4. Jan, my letters to them were addressed with all the normal pleasantries until I got to asking them about endorsing New Age teachers, using Catholics for the devotionals, etc. The final response was very terse and pretty much stated like your response was. Very sad!


  5. Yes, the once sound doctrinal walls are leaking and cracking. My latest goal is to warn Christian colleges of the unBiblical “Spiritual Formation” craze. It has mystical connections, and teaches that sanctification is not by just the Holy Spirit. It is by environmental influence and actions on our part as well. Those that herald this teaching are occultics and men who support the one world church and contemplative prayer. (Richard Foster, Dallas Willard) Its surprising how many alumni of my own christian college dont care or dont want to get involved in taking a stand. One former professor told me that i was on a witch hunt. That was stunning, as this man is a believer. I’m sure Spiritual Formation will be in the Daily Bread very soon since the authors and referenced authors are big Henri Nouwen and Philip Yancey fans. So many of those in the christian realm are truly Satan’s light and not the Lord’s. Romans 16:7 “MARK THEM which cause divisions contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them.”


  6. No one wants to “offend” anyone anymore. It is a very pathetic and sad time we’re living in. But then again, the NT did give us plenty of forewarning, didn’t it…


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