Book recommendation: “Deceived on Purpose” by Warren Smith.

I recently finished the book Deceived on Purpose by Warren Smith. Smith, a former New Ager turned Christian, wrote this heavily footnoted book after reading Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and seeing the many New Age parallels throughout Rick Warren’s bestseller.

Warren Smith chronicles these familiar New Age teachings found in The Purpose Driven Life in his book Deceived on Purpose.  

Warren Smith also goes into detail about Rick Warren’s ties to Robert Schuller. And once Warren Smith begins connecting the dots between Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, Bruce Wilkinson, Eugene Peterson and many well known New Agers like Neale Donald Walsch, Bernie Siegel, Benjamin Creme, and others, you will never look at Rick Warren the same way again and you will be even more disturbed as to why John Piper is willing to link arms with Rick Warren.

You can purchase the paperback version of the book here, or the e-book version here.

“As a self-proclaimed ‘change agent,’ it seemed that one of Rick Warren’s unstated purposes was to mainstream Robert Schuller’s teachings into the more traditional ‘Bible-based’ wing of the Church. Many believers who seem to trust Rick Warren, ironically, do not trust Robert Schuller. Rick Warren’s ‘magic’ seems to be able to make the teachings of Robert Schuller palatable to believers who would have otherwise never accepted these same teachings had they come directly from Schuller himself.”  Deceived on Purpose Page 113

5 thoughts on “Book recommendation: “Deceived on Purpose” by Warren Smith.

  1. Excellent book indeed. A couple of other books well worth the time are:

    “Faith Undone” by Roger Oakland, which also chronicles the current Apostasy, including Warren’s connection to a veritable who’s who of apostates, heretics and occultists.

    “The Emergent Church, Undefining Christianity” by Bob DeWaay, details just why it is so important for these apostates and heretics to deconstruct and redefine all major areas of Christian thinking (which is being done today by the likes of Warren, Driscoll, McLaren, Pagitt, and others), what their mindset is, where it came from, and how Scripture is in direct conflict with their mindset.


  2. Definitely sounds like one I will have to add to my growing list of books I want to read. Thanks for the recommendation Pilgrim.


  3. thank you for this site. i have been concerned about pastors and others who insist on “thinking positive.” I believe it comes from Normal Vincent Peale’s book and I am so upset when people are criticized for not having “positive attitudes.” this happened in my church today. terri


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