The Balance of Marriage and Ministry

Below is a link to an article I read that, along with the counsel of godly brethren, I have found very helpful at this stage in my Christian walk. For weeks, I have struggled with how to balance the various ministries I am part of with my duties as a husband and father. The author of this article really strikes to the heart of the matter. I pray that you find this as helpful as I have.

The Balance of Marriage and Ministry

2 thoughts on “The Balance of Marriage and Ministry

  1. This struggle has often been neglected by those who serve in the church, being deceived into thinking the church has a higher priority than their family. Could it be that the lack of providing for one’s own house in 1 Tim 5 includes more than merely food & shelter? Throughout that epistle – and in much of Scripture – we see that fathers are to train up their children in the Word of God. We who serve the church in other ways are taught that we are to train up our children. Those we serve the church in the preaching of the Word need to understand that as well. As well as the all inclusive commend to live with our wives in an understanding manner – which I think is the author’s main point in that article.

    Who among us doesn’t have trouble balancing life?


  2. Amen GoForthAndPreach & Manfred. There have been times in my own ministry that I wish I would have read something like this much earlier and learned to heed the words of wisdom. While we cannot dwell on the past, we can only seek forgiveness, repent of our sin, and move forward in the grace of God seeking to be more like Christ.


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