Sermon of the Week: “What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends?” by Kim Riddlebarger

Dispensationalism? Premillennialism? The Rapture? A 1000 year reign on earth? Amillennialism? The kingdom is now? This age and the age to come?

What is this all about. Controversy and serious disagreements swirl endlessly around the study and beliefs of the End Times. In this lecture, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger poses a logical, Biblical, and literal argument for the Amillennial Two Age Model. With an honest listen, this should give all dispensational/premil folks reason to pause and examine their view a little closer. The Two Age Model is a LITERAL and BIBLICAL doctrine related to the End Times that overwhelmingly supports the Amillennial position and leaves dispensationalism looking for proof texts. Dr. Riddlebarger delivers this lecture in an enjoyable and understandable way with great respect and honor towards the Dispy brothers that he disagrees with. Enjoy!

Sermon Audio Link for Lecture here: What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends?

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger is pastor of Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, California. He is visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California and a frequent contributor to Tabletalk and Modern Reformation. Among his publications are A Case for Amillenialism: Understanding the End Times, and The Man of Sin. Kim also edits the Riddleblog devoted to Reformed theology and eschatology. Kim is also one of the hosts of the White Horse Inn Radio Program with Michael Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, and Ken Jones.

Kim’s blog:

White Horse Inn

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10 thoughts on “Sermon of the Week: “What’s a Thousand Years Among Friends?” by Kim Riddlebarger

  1. I have read Riddlebargers “Amillenialism” book and really gleaned much from it. At the moment…I am reading his book “The Man of Sin”. I have also listened to many of his lectures and learned a lot….I definitely encourage others to learn from him as well! Thanks for posting this atg.


  2. The 2 age model must be heard. I also love Riddlebarger’s class and gentleness in discussing such a difficult issue today. He did it without the insults that usually come with these topics.


  3. Great sermon, Riddlebarger[ mostly the scriptures] does a sterling job of dismantling Premillenialism. I look back now and can’t believe that I once held to premillenialism, but thanks to men like Kim who are faithful in expositing the bible , those pages come alive through the lens of Amillenialism , its the only view whereby the word of God just falls into place. Thanks for posting.


  4. Kim makes some very good points in this lecture for the Amil position (as does MacArthur for the Premil position).

    What I would like to find one day is a top 3, 5, or 10 list for each position. Each view boiled down to the top 3, 5, 10 points (with several Scriptural references included), and then the arguments against each of those points made by the other positions (with several Scriptural references included). That would be a big help in placing the main points into one concise (easily digestible) area to look over and compare.


  5. Enjoyed listening to this message = twice, (thanks for posting), does anyone have a link to the charts referenced?

    Also, I realize that both Riddlebarger and MacArthur see Post-Mill as optimistic A-Mill, but is there a possibility of posting something from someone who is presenting the view from strictly from a Post position?


  6. Pilgrim, Katy, and M Baily,

    I think that Riddlebarger does a great job in his numerous messages outlining the multiple views. I’m sure his are biased as he comes from the amil position. But he does discuss the basics of all the others in his other lectures on his blog. Also, I recommend Dr. Richard Phillips of 2nd Presby in Greenville, SC:

    Really the whole issue boils down to 2 positions: 1) dispy/premil and 2) Amil/Pos-mil, which are really the breakdown between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology. Something like this is helpful:

    or this:



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