Dear daughter: Had we known that you had Down Syndrome, we would have killed you when we had the chance.

An unbelievable story out of Portland, Oregon where a couple is suing a local health center for three million dollars for the “wrongful birth” of their daughter. You read that right, “wrongful birth.”

“The Levys filed suit against Legacy Health, claiming that Deborah Levy would have aborted her pregnancy had she known her daughter had the chromosomal abnormality.”

Read the disturbing article here.

Franky, I don’t know why the parents have resorted to handling this litigiously. After all, they can prevent all the inconveniences they’ll have to endure by simply performing a post-birth abortion (the inevitable next step in our “civilized” society’s ever-spiraling descent into complete and utter barbaric savagery and depravity).

I am curious at exactly how the parents’ moral compass functions. Does the same moral compass that would have allowed them to extinguish their precious daughter before birth (had they known she was not as “healthy, strong and bright” as their sons), now all of a sudden prevent them from extinguishing the same defective child after birth? How do they make that distinction? Where do they draw that line? How long will there even be a line?

And we dare look down our long noses of sophistication from our ivory towers of progressive enlightenment and condemn the Nazis for doing the same thing. We are but a nation of hypocrites.

21 thoughts on “Dear daughter: Had we known that you had Down Syndrome, we would have killed you when we had the chance.

  1. This is the tragedy of the ages and it stems from a perverted twisted worldview, from a people that have made a god in their image. Nay, the primary cause is the faulty reasoning that God and His Law has no right in my life, He has no authority to govern me; which is saying that there is no God at all.


  2. Surely the fierce judgment of God against all wickedness is not far off. As Chris stated, and I fully agree, we are a wicked and depraved nation; shameless, emotionless, driven by hearts of stone.


  3. Money, money, money.
    I have always felt like Downs children were likened to “angels in disguise.” I hope they truly love this sweet child with all of their heart. If they win suit, there will be more ridiculous suits to follow.


  4. A few quick thoughts:


    2) The unconverted do that which is right in their own eyes.

    3) I would offer a slightly different conclusion than Chris did in his first comment above….we are a SECULAR nation of wicked and totally depraved people who have the god of “me” on the throne.

    4) I would argue that things which occur of this nature IS the judgement of God.

    May the Lord look upon more people in our country with pity, cause them to hear His voice, give them repentance, and heal our land.



  5. Todd,
    I agree God is in fact judging this nation, turning it over to what it loves and chooses. My reference was to the final judgment, the 2nd coming of Christ.
    I too pray for God’s mercy on this nation, and all nations.


  6. @Julie – Are you kidding? I think the fact that this couple is suing for such a large amount is an indication how they view “this sweet child.” They are wishing she had never come into their lives!


  7. If we may for the moment leave the question of “if they had known, they’d have had the foetus aborted” primarily because we really have no idea that they would have done so if they had the choice then. We cannot judge folk on what they think they would have done. In any event it’s a legal argument that they are putting forward truthful or not.
    As to the present court case. Do we judge people on what we think they are capable of or do we accept what they say? They say that they love the little girl and that they want to give her the very best chances that they can. How can it be claimed they’re depraved, immoral, Pilgrim’s insinuations that they are capable of murder or that they “wished she had never come into their lives” and various other most unchristian like comments.
    If anyone dear to any one of the commentators or to pilgrim himself had been involved in a serious accident by a hit-and-run driver and left in a serious condition requiring life-long medical support and they then sued declaring their love for that dear one I’m sure messages of support would have come flooding in from these same commentators who have set themselves up as condemners of this family.
    Of course they are suing on the grounds they are because if they didn’t what chance would they have of winning the case?
    Please people, read again the four gospel accounts and check out if you can anywhere spot re-actions like yours coming from our Saviour? Are we being Christ like here?


  8. Because the mother is reported to have said, through the lawsuit, that she would have aborted her daughter had she known she was a Down’s child. That is where the judgement comes in.

    I see a problem with calling in death threats to the family. That’s silly and not Christ-like at all.

    In my opinion, Pilgrim was making the point that if you can have an abortion, what stops you from killing baby after the birth? I don’t think we can judge what they are thinking now, but their lawsuit does put them in a bad light. I wouldn’t want my child to grow up and realize what I said about her when she was 4 years old.


  9. Hi Ky gal\
    Two points; we will never know if she had known that the child was to be born with Down’s she would actually have aborted. She says that now with conviction and obviously to boost her case in law. How can we sit in judgement on a woman was has actually done no wrong?. Claiming to boot all the terrible things so-called Christians led by pilgrom have been uttering about her in the comments above?
    Secondly, if you were in her place faced with a mountain of medical bills would you also not go to court and to pilgrim’s horror, handle it “litigiously”? And make the claims she is making in order to make your case convincing.?
    I’m sorry but I see nothing, nothing at all, that would commend pilgrim or any of the commentators above and nothing but huge embarrassment for them one day at the Great White Throne. .


  10. I happen to think that down syndrome people on this earth are like angels. Such is their innocence and child-like loving nature.


  11. She is not the only person to have a baby with disabilities by surprise. A mosaic Down’s syndrome is rather high functioning, so I think the 3 million might have been a bit of exaggeration. Of course I would want money to help with her therapies, but there are also many parents who do not sue for disabilities who need money to care for their children.

    If this had happened to me, I would have to say no, I would not sue. I believe that God would provide a way without me suing someone. I do not believe I would have the ability to say in court that I would have aborted my disabled child rather than raising her. When I was given the chance to have these tests, we declined. The chances for a false positive are very high, and we were aware that there is always a chance that something had gone awry.

    But that’s just me.


  12. Reblogged on AbbasGirlMe. It is astounding, the lengths the depraved will go to, to justify their utter depravity, and the excuses they make in doing so. And, it will only get worse. I pray that god brings these “parents” to brokenness and utter repentance and grants them saving faith in Jesus Christ. Oh…and that He closes her womb forever. Just sayin.


    Reblogged this on AbbasGirlMe and commented:
    II Timothy 3:2…
    For men shall be lovers of their own selves – It shall be one of the characteristics of those times that men shall be eminently selfish – evidently under the garb of religion; 2 Timothy 3:5. The word here used – φίλαυτος philautos – does not elsewhere occur in the New Testament. It means a lover of oneself, “selfish.” Such a love of self as to lead us to secure our salvation, is proper. But this interferes with the rights and happiness of no other persons. The selfishness which is condemned, is that regard to our own interests which interferes with the rights and comforts of others; which makes self the central and leading object of living; and which tramples on all that would interfere with that. As such, it is a base, and hateful, and narrow passion; but it has been so common in the world that no one can doubt the correctness of the prophecy of the apostle that it would exist “in the last times.”


  13. We are truly a depraved nation – and in so many ways. We are a nation of Romans 1:18-2:11! Ichabod is across our head. Who is willing to be on their face at 3, 4, 5 am weeping for our sins and that God would have mercy and open the ears and eyes of the lost?

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    In Christ,



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