Quotes: Charles Spurgeon on Humility in the Pulpit

From the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon, in his work “The Soulwinner”:

“In the matter of soul-winning, humility makes you feel that you are nothing and nobody, and that, if God gives you success in the work, you will be driven to ascribe to Him all the glory, for none of the credit of it could properly belong to you. If you do not have success, humility will lead you to blame your own folly and weakness, not God’s sovereignty. Why should God give the blessing, and then let you run away with the glory of it? The glory of the salvation of souls belongs to Him, and to Him alone. Then why should you try to steal it? You know how many attempt this theft. ‘When I was preaching at such-and-such a place, fifteen persons came into the vestry at the close of service, and thanked me for the sermon I had preached.’ You and your blessed sermon be hanged, – I might have used a stronger word if I had liked, for really you are worthy of condemnation whenever you take to yourself the honour which belongeth unto God only. You remember the story of the young prince, who came into the room where he thought his dying father was sleeping, and put the king’s crown on his head to see how it would fit him. The king, who was watching him, said, ‘Wait a little while, my son, wait till I am dead.’ So, when you feel any inclination to put the crown of glory on your head, just fancy that you hear God saying to you, ‘Wait till I am dead, before you try on My crown.’ As that will never be, you had better leave the crown alone, and let Him wear it to who it rightly belongs. Our song must ever be, ‘Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name give glory, for Thy mercy, and for Thy truth’s sake.'”

3 thoughts on “Quotes: Charles Spurgeon on Humility in the Pulpit

  1. It is difficult to read this without contrasting Spurgeon’s humble and Biblical view with the modern day pastors who wear their evangelism numbers as though they are medals. Not just the mega-pastors do this, it seems to be the “flair” of most small town seeker-friendly pastors as well. Dangerous (dare I say nauseating?) stuff!


  2. I think sometimes leaders get caught up in their own acomplishments and expect aplause. It take a strong Pastor to give God the credit for all the preparations done in His honor. This is also true when the man/woman recognizes his/her failings to his congregation. The Pastor should always give thanks and credit to his Lord God. We wouldn’t be here if God hadn’t designed and created our ancestors. We wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for God’s Grace. The knowledge we possess is origionally from HIM. So give credit where it is due.
    I think that the average person responds better to those who know their place under God’s rule. “We have all fallen short of the Glory of God”. So why would anyone take credit away from our Spiritual Father. When leaders and Preachers do it, they become arrogant, know it alls, who thinks they can do no wrong and their sermans were original, created by themselves. This attitude drives people out of the Church. The Preacher is simply to guide it’s congregation through the bible and other pieces of relavant information. It is important to be comfortable with the information to be present with authority. Just stay humble, so that people will feel safe to come to the Preacher who is friendly or leader with questions and concerns.


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