Questions of the World to Men – Ravenhill

This message by Leonard Ravenhill really hits home and brings conviction. Do we really believe the Holy Spirit has come with power from on high, or do we think in our foolishness that we can lock Him in a box and pull Him out only when the desire hits us? We need to be people who not only know our Bibles, but more importantly, we need to be people who know our God!

6 thoughts on “Questions of the World to Men – Ravenhill

  1. Yeah, but I thought it was kind of like an Arminian quoting Spurgeon obviously makes Spurgeon an Arminian, so too, as a Baptist quoting Ravenhill, doesn’t that mean Leonard was really a Baptist and just didn’t know it? Where did I go wrong? LOL


  2. Ravenhill, being Arminian, and you quoting him, makes you an Arminian Baptist.

    Ravenhill not being a cessationist, and you quoting him, makes you a Pentecostal.

    Thus Ravenhill believing in free will, and you quoting him, makes you a Pentecostal Free Will Baptist! Though that denominational moniker is already taken…


    My being so willing to paint you into these sort of boxes then makes me a Heresy Hunter and a legalistic Fundamental Reformed ummm…Presbyterian.

    Now everyone is confused!


  3. Wonderful exhortation from an old saint who made makes many uncomfortable with such Christ exalting preaching and Holy Spirit unction. Thanks Mark.


  4. Yes! The gift is Eternal Life ( John 17:3)!

    The devils have been listening from the beginning and watching from then too God interact with man and man with God. They don’t have any need for fellowship with their Creator. You’d think, though, in this wicked fallen ungodly world, once you too have received the gift of Eternal Life by the power of the Holy Spirit, you would want to spend a whole lot more time than 5 minutes in fellowship and prayer with the Only True God and Jesus Christ, Whom He sent?


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