Rise Up O’ Men of God

Where are the men in our churches who are willing to stand for what is right? We have bought into the world’s philosophies and the church has become feminized. Men, God has given a divine order for the reason that we might show the picture of Christ and His Bride to the nations. If we are going to advance in the battle, we must have men with a rod of iron in their backbone. May God forgive us for ever quitting in the first place!

HT: Jeremy B. Strang

7 thoughts on “Rise Up O’ Men of God

  1. Many have risen up Mark! And their women too, as they see these things, and when they bring them to the Diotrophese of this age, they are run out! Warren even taught the technique to pastors through books and through his website.

    The problem is so bad that many towns no longer have an option left! The fellowship of the saints has been replaced by the jesus franchises. The fact that this post was even written testifies to how far gone this whoring with the world is!

    It can’t be fixed for these jesus franchises are not a broken system, they are another system, or rather another’s!

    Be very thankful folks IF you are in a fellowship of the saints submitted to His Will, for it is more rare then an honest politician, honest money, or honest scales.

    But the Good News is that Jesus has already overcome this world, and we too who live by, “Not my will but Your Will be done Lord” overcome as well. You see, He builds His Ecclesia, we fellowship in Him and wherever 2 or 3 or 20 or 300 gather in His Name, He is in our midst.

    Ah, but those who gather in their name, attempting to do things in His Name, have a form of godliness, but deny His power to change them. They are those which climb up another way, they are robbers thieves and hirelings, blindly leading the blind. For those who chafe at my comments, check the scriptures and see that you chafe at His Words, not mine.

    Is this not the start of the great falling away scripture tells us of?



  2. Jeremy, several of your posts have been an encouragement to me and this was definitely one of those, but it was also challenging. If we lived closer, I would definitely be visiting. We used to live in Tulsa when I was in the funeral/cemetery industry.


  3. Bro. Mickey, I have to agree with much of your assessment. Many have risen, but many have fallen. Many go to hear about God, but rarely do any get together to truly worship and praise the Lamb who sits on the throne. Within many churches, there is a lack of solid Biblical teaching and it has been replaced by feel-good talks that do nothing for the soul in light of eternity. For those of us who do strive to minister the gospel and edify the saints, many struggle because buildings and membership lists are often filled with rank unbelievers even in leadership positions. I do not believe we will ever see mass revival or reformation as I believe the endtimes are upon us. I do not seek to fix a system that is broken in my own ministry, but to stir the embers of those who are the true Bride of Christ. My heart’s desire is that we will strive diligently and daily to be a Bride who has made herself ready for the return of the Groom.


  4. I was told I was saved when I was 8 years old. Was baptized to prove it. No sign of new life. Several years into my marriage, my dear wife (now of more than 35 years) gave me a Father’s Day card in which she thanked me for being a responsible provider and in which she asked me to consider God’s call on me to be the spiritual leader in the home. She promised, in that card, to never nag me about it – and she never said another word – to me. She did a dirty deed and went to people in the church and asked them to pray with her that God would save me.

    Seven years later, He did. I was a new man – not sinless, but engaged in the church and in my family. People in my house and in my church saw something new in my life that was not there before. One dear brother said it was my “adult decision” to follow Christ. I came to see it as the work of the Holy Spirit in raising me from spiritual death to eternal life.

    A man who has been born again by the Spirit of the Living God – in opposition to thinking he has been made alive by the spirit of the age – will rise up and will order his life to the Word of God for the glory of God.

    (I find nothing in the Bible to support Piper’s assertion that we are to be reckless with abandon in our pursuit of Christlikeness. The Scripture says each man is to count the cost and live soberly. But I think Piper’s wretched theology of “Christian hedonism” has many unfortunate consequences.)


  5. That’s why I like you Mark! LOL
    Keep plowing, planting, watering and weeding brother! The Lord will bring the growth!


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