The Fallacy of Pope Francis

Big Bang Theory true according to Pope Francis

Once again, the world has the distinction of hearing “Thus says the man in the white robe” instead of “thus says the Lord.” If we question the veracity of God’s Word and the foundations which He has established, then it will be easy to cut out further parts of Scripture. Here are a few things to consider as to whether pope Francis is right or wrong.

There are several problems with Christians accepting the Big Bang Theory and the theory of evolution.

1.  It questions the validity and work of the Trinity. Genesis states that each member of the Triune Godhead was involved in creation.

A.  God the Father is attributed with the work of creation throughout the Old Testament. If creation is not true, then we must exclude every writer who spoke and wrote falsely giving credit to the holy God. This means that Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, the five books of Moses, and others must be taken out of the Bible.

B.  God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, speaks of the creation during His earthly ministry, especially when He addresses the matter of marriage being between one man and one woman.  If Jesus was wrong about creation and the beginning of the world, then He cannot be God for He spoke at least one lie.

C.  God the Holy Spirit is attributed with the inspiration of the Scriptures. 2 Peter 1:21 says, “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” Thus, if the words written are attributed to the moving of the Holy Spirit, then we can only come to one of two conclusions. 1) Either the prophets wrote contrary to the leading of the Holy Spirit, or 2) there is no Holy Spirit that guides into all truths.  Therefore, the Holy Spirit made a mistake in the work of inspiration which makes Him no longer God, or the Bible is not inerrant and we have nothing which we can believe.

2.  If these theories are correct, then there is no hope for mankind.

A.  There would be no reason to accept any absolutes.

B.  There would be no morals on which to base our lives. If survival of the fittest is truly an underlying principle of evolution, then logic MUST dictate that what Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Nero, Genghis Khan and others did is acceptable. They weeded out those who added nothing to the gene pool.

C.  There would be no such thing as sin. Any “wrongdoings” are only based on one’s upbringing, culture, and societal mores. What would be unacceptable in one culture must be acceptable in another. Therefore, as one example, if evolution is correct, then what ISIS is doing cannot be considered as wrong. If evolution is correct, then we have no right to correct the actions of another culture or society that has “evolved” in a different manner than we have.

D.  Fighting against the inevitable will be a horrific exercise in futility if evolution is correct. Therefore, those who have some deformities, or the wrong skin color, or mental imbalances are doomed to eventual extinction for they add nothing to society and the future of a greater man.

E.  If evolution is true, then there is no sin to die for. There would be no reason for Jesus Christ to have died for a sub-species of animal that has simply evolved from a primordial soup. If evolution is true, then Christ died in vain as a good person, and not as the God-Man.

Now, here is a further thought about the article I have linked to at the top in which pope Francis endorses these false theories. Many in so-called evangelical circles have decided that the Roman Catholic church is also Christian and that their teachings are compatible in many ways with evangelicalism or fundamentalism. There is little that could be further from the truth than this thinking. The Roman Catholic religion is not based on Scripture but on the traditions of man.

Many want to claim that Roman Catholics are going to heaven, but the ONLY way to heaven is by grace through faith alone in Christ alone. The RCC does NOT teach this, and has NEVER taught these truths. To the pope and the teachings of the RCC, all who believe that salvation is only through Christ are to be considered anathema and accursed to the deepest regions of hell.

Before somebody accuses me of hating those who do not believe like me, this is not about me. This is about what the Bible teaches. Either God is true or He is not. If He is not true, then He cannot be God and we are yet in our sins. My prayer is that people will come to Christ alone and realize the joy that comes by believing by faith in the work of creation and the finished work of Calvary.

These theories of the big bang and evolution are NOT based on the truth of Scripture. Any time, science comes up with a new theory designed solely to undermine intelligent design and the truth of a Creator, then the Bible trumps the scientist. The Bible does not ever discredit true science but endorses the truths of what we find in the scientific world.

To conclude, my response to the false teaching of the pope, the heresies of the Roman Catholic church, the false theories of science, and the falsely held positions of a growing number of people in evangelical circles is based on the words of Martin Luther when he was being held to account by the religious establishment —

My belief is based on God and His infallible, inerrant Word. Here I stand, I can do no other. So help me, God.



12 thoughts on “The Fallacy of Pope Francis

  1. SMW, thanks for stopping by at Defending Contending. Actually, the truth is that if you have no God, there are no morals or absolutes. With no God, there are no rules and this earth would not be a place any sane person would want to live.


  2. Actually, it’s a good thing the current pope said these things – it does more to expose that false church for the false church it is. The man in the white robe will answer to the God-man on the white horse.


  3. would you then conclude that those who pursue evolution over creation, in any form, would be guilty of a false gospel? As you explained above, evolution removes Gods sovereignty, the Trinity, and sin. So what need of a Savior? I’m thinking of those who promote Biologos, yet may otherwise hold (in their minds) to the true gospel.


  4. B Hall,

    Thank you for stopping by and for some good questions. In short, I would say that those who pursue evolution do indeed remove the validity of the Bible. To say that evolution is true is ultimately to call God a liar and to seek to remove Him for a position of command. In other words, if evolution is indeed true, then we are not bound by any law given by God for they are nothing more than cultural or societal mores given by the deluded dictates of some poor tribal men down through ancient history.

    Further, I would be interested in knowing how you or others might think that they can have a true gospel if the one who offers the free gospel cannot be trusted to get things right when He was there before the beginning. If He was wrong in even one aspect of His speaking ministry, then He was not the perfect spotless lamb of God.


  5. Manfred, this was my take as well. “And one great benefit of the newest phases in the adopt/adapt activity is that believers are much less likely to be deceived by the errors of the Roman Catholic Church, while even some of its members may have their eyes opened to its errors.”

    Mark, thank you for an excellent article.

    B Hall, in general I’d agree with Mark’s response. The only thing I would say is that the human mind is capable of amazing inconsistency. Sometimes, you will see someone make two statements that just can’t both be true, yet they believe them both. The Bible does speak of those who are double-minded.

    So it is possible for a person to believe the true Gospel and yet accept a form of evolution. But the person who does this, if they really are saved, is so confused and ultimately dishonouring of God’s Word that I would not give them any teaching or leadership role in the church.


  6. Despite the propaganda, logic and reason is in truth, incompatible with materialistic science rather than with Christian faith.
    As Sherlock Holmes said, ” When all other possibilities are eliminated whatever remains however improbable, must be true”. (unless it points to an eternal self existent uncaused first cause known as God.) By assuming materialism a priori they have eliminated true logic and reason, by blind faith.
    Pastors inadvertently do much harm to the flock when they do not offer classes or books on logic and reason.


  7. I do not know whether my post is relevant to the topic in discussion, nonetheless I will venture with the morals of society in China.

    The Chinese, like people everywhere, are innately religious (Romans 1:20ff). Despite the Communist Party being in power since 1949, they have not eradicated religion in the country.

    Yet despite the religions of the Chinese, the moral standard in the country is deplorable. A classic example is that no one will stop to help an accident victim, even if it is a toddler who had been run over by a vehicle. In most cases, the closest bystander will just walk away. The reason is that the good Samaritan will be assumed to be guilty, and that’s why he helped the victim. If the case is brought to court, prejudice is against the one who helped.

    When the God of the Bible is absent from society, this is the result. This is in answer to the person who said that God is not needed for moral living.


  8. Thank you Mark for this brilliant piece!! I too agree with Manfred, this does truly expose the man in the white robe and the entire religion he upholds for what it truly is.


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