King of Kings, Majesty

As we prepare for times of worship through the weekend, may our focus be solely on our King of Kings, He who alone is our Majesty. If you are attending somewhere that Christ and Him crucified is not where the attention of each person is directed, then you are in the wrong place.

2 thoughts on “King of Kings, Majesty

  1. My wife and I worshiped the Lord today with a church that meets about 5 miles from our home. The service was Christ-focused and gave Him honor and glory and reminded us that we are unworthy of the grace He has bestowed upon us. While there were a few things we were not comfortable with, they were secondary. The primary focus was spot on. The fellowship (special Thanksgiving meal after the service) was nice. The people very friendly. Might be a place we can call home. Very thankful to God.

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