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  1. Five minutes inside of eternity …

    ALL of us will have such regrets. May God have mercy on us and all those who stand before His sheep to hunger for the Word and obedience thereto.


  2. I was thinking the same thing Manfred. Finney’s arminianism is both dangerous and unbiblical. This was an excellent video, with the exception of the mention of Finney. “Charles Finney was an evangelist and became very popular in America. Finneys Systematic Theology is still one of the most popular manuals on theology in the Pentecostal Churches today. Finney was very critical of Martin Luther and John Calvin with respect to their teaching on Justification by faith through the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. He was not holding to what the reformers preached and taught. His preaching led people into an emotional experience.” {source –}
    I think Ravenhill was of the Pentecostal flavor, which would explain his admiration of Finney – how sad. Multitudes hold to a belief that their free will has granted them eternal life, yet the Bible never teaches any such thing. This is a deadly false teaching; its teachers and all who defend this nonsense should never be embraced. They should be corrected and if they refuse, shake off the dust.


  3. Hate to say it folks, but it seems y’all have fallen down the rabbit hole of majoring on minors. Who cares if Ravenhill mentioned Finney? What matters is that this video, Ravenhill’s words hit a cord and convicted us of our complacency. Was it just me and Mark that felt this way?

    It seems Manfred, you were feeling the same thing until you stumbled over the Finney remark. Let’s let this video do its work (via the Holy Spirit) in our hearts, instead of allowing ourselves to be offended over such a simple little remark.

    In Christ,



  4. Paul – I agree with you that this video and its main point is post on and is for the good of the saints and the glory of God. No argument. That does not give Ravenhill a free pass for giving high praise to one of the most damaging influences on Christianity in the history of this country.


  5. Well the man’s dead and in glory now (hopefully he didn’t believe anything erroneous), and we shouldn’t be getting all heated up over such small issues. Issues that don’t really matter (Arminianism is a huge problem, do get me wrong)

    It’s like having a revival and the preacher gets up and talks about different men of the past who God used for revival and he mentions A.W. Tozer who was quoted to believe in works-based salvation as well. Then a bunch of people who don’t like Tozer’s teaching get offended and leave and the whole revival unravels. Why? Because of offense. Let’s not grieve the holy Spirit through being offended by things that really don’t matter. The dead horse has been flogged, and it needs to be left alone now.

    Any non Christian, or false-convert reading these comments would go away not convicted, but with a disdain for someone named Finney.

    Just my opinion Manfred, and hopefully it’s taken in the spirit it’s given.


  6. Paul – I don’t see anybody in this thread getting “heated up.” We know Ravenhill believed some things wrongly while he was in the flesh – we ALL do!

    There is, in my opinion, a categorical difference between mentioning somebody such Tozer or Wesley (both of whom taught much good, along with some error) and somebody such as Finney or the pope (whatever good they may have taught is obliterated by the heresy that pervaded their theology).

    Warning people of false theology is NOT grieving to the Holy Spirit, Who has commanded us to do just that. I am not offended by Ravenhill’s comment, merely observing that it was unfortunate. It might give one a favorable view of Finney.

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  7. Paul,

    You seem somewhat contradictory in stating ‘we shouldn’t be getting all heated up over such small issues. Issues that don’t really matter (Arminianism is a huge problem, do get me wrong)’.

    So, you have no problem with those who add to or take from the glorious Gospel? Is it really a small issue that men like Finney have twisted the gospel and added to it?
    Have you read the Apostle Paul’s words “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed! As we have said before, so I say again now, if any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!” Galatians 1:8-9
    Tampering with the word of God is in fact very serious; adding to the Gospel by telling sinners they have the ability to decide for/choose Christ cannot be supported by scripture. So, when Finney preached his accursed gospel, he was leading multitudes astray and that accursed gospel is still doing so today. This free will gospel is wildly popular and it saves no one. Far be if for Christ’s sheep to have such low view of this accursed gospel that permeates America.

    As for the possibility that some unsaved person would be offended by the objection of Finney being praised in this video, I would rather offend someone than embrace false teachers and their teachings.


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  8. Brothers and sisters,

    I do not think there is any doubt from anyone who has read this blog long enough to know exactly where I stand. I would disagree with Finney completely, but Ravenhill was passionate in his delivery and in this small 6 minute segment (some of which was repeated), he throws out the name of Finney and Wesley. There was no elaboration in this clip. There was no endorsement of the theology of either Finney or Wesley. He simply made a comment that these were two among the saints. I do not know what Finney or Wesley’s final days entailed, nor where they stood in regards to eternity.

    In the end, the purpose of my posting the video was simply because of the message of complacency and the need for revival in my own heart. If Ravenhill was extolling the theology of these two men, I would never have posted it. In fact, Ravenhill even decries in this video the health, wealth, and prosperity WoF teachers and ministries.

    Should we continue to get worked up over false doctrine — yes, yes, YES! DefCon has not changed in that regard. We continue to stand just as firm as The Pilgrim did when he started this blog under the name of Reformation Nation.

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