Preaching Without Speaking

Imagine reaching thousands upon thousands of people and almost never having to open your mouth. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Other than the fact that millions of professing believers think they can actually accomplish this kind of thing by just living a Christian lifestyle among the lost, there is truly a way which you can do this. Gospel tracts.

Passing out gospel tracts is the only true lifestyle evangelism that can reach the lost without necessarily saying anything. Of course, this may not always be the case. There will be conversations started based upon the curiosity of those that take some of the tracts that are passed out. But isn’t that the goal of lifestyle evangelism? Projecting the life of Christ so that people ask you what makes you different? Well, gospel tracts will most certainly do that! But the best part is, if you are unsure, fearful, not eloquent, or just don’t know where to begin in your evangelistic endeavors, gospel tracts are not just a great starting point, but a formidable weapon in the Christian artillery that can be carried around until we enter in the joy of the Lord.

I cannot express how many times someone has told me they cannot be a regular, consistent, and purposeful witness simply because they wouldn’t know what to say, or because of their perceived lack of ability. They prefer to let their “light shine” so that their good works will glorify God among the heathen. When I introduce the fact that gospel tracts can help them overcome those fears and apparent lack, I am met with a resounding, “No thanks,” or with other terrible excuses as to why they cannot pass out a simple piece of gospel literature. It astounds me with the amount of timid excuses people make concerning why they “cannot” reach the lost, you’d think that passing out tracts would be going out of style!

When it comes to the idea of lifestyle evangelism, if you really want your light to shine before men, pass out gospel tracts! It is a dynamic way to fulfill what you’re hoping to accomplish if speaking a word about the gospel is hard for you. Most of the time, you’d be surprised how much of your lifestyle is of no concern to the unbeliever. That is until you hand them a gospel tract. If I am suspecting correctly, some of us may want to develop the relationship first so that we can reach them more intimately. Perhaps even serving them so as to open doors for the gospel. Nothing wrong with service and friendship. But if you really want them to see Christ in you, tracts will definitely make that happen at lightening speed. Folks may not chase you down, but you will get the gospel to them, which subliminally is our professed purpose for living our lives before the lost anyway, isn’t it?

If you want to know what it would be like to preach to thousands of people without saying a word, pass out tracts. If you want your light to shine to that cashier in Walmart, give them a tract after you pay. If you want your waiter to know that you love Christ, leave a generous tip (I MEAN THAT), and leave a gospel tract. If you want your co-workers to know you love Jesus, ask them for their address, send them a gift, and put a gospel tract with it. This goes for your family, friends, and any one else you want to see Christ in you, the hope of glory!

It’s not a problem that gospel tracts may not be your “thing.” But if you don’t choose this option and prefer instead to continue in your Christian walk hoping the lost will recognize something in you about Christ, and you choose never to regularly, constantly, and purposefully communicate the gospel toward, family, friends, co-workers, and strangers, then you are a hypocrite and are being apocitic. You’re not practicing lifestyle evangelism, but lifestyle hypocrisy. God has graced us with an amazing gift – eternal life. He’s given us minds to comprehend the gospel, and mouths to tell it. Since that is not enough for some of us, He has given us the printing press by which we can order tracts by the box full. If that doesn’t tickle our fancy, and we are somewhat literate, we have pen and paper at home by which we can use to spread the gospel in our writing if we don’t like the print of others. Regardless of the mode, true lifestyle evangelism is worked out through a Christian not just living out the commandants of our Lord, but teaching others to do the same (Matt 28:20). If it is still too much for you to at least give someone something that can preach the gospel for you if you feel like you are unable, then cast your Christian profession aside and embrace your title as an unbeliever.

“If Jesus is precious to you, you will not be able to keep your good news to yourself; you will be whispering it into your child’s ear; you will be telling it to your husband; you will be earnestly imparting it to your friend; without the charms of eloquence you will be more than eloquent; your heart will speak, and your eyes will flash as you talk of his sweet love. Every Christian here is either a missionary or an impostor. Recollect that. You either try to spread abroad the kingdom of Christ, or else you do not love him at all. It cannot be that there is a high appreciation of Jesus and a totally silent tongue about him. Of course I do not mean by that, that those who use the pen are silent: they are not. And those who help others to use the tongue, or spread that which others have written, are doing their part well: but that man who says, “I believe in Jesus,” but does not think enough of Jesus ever to tell another about him, by mouth, or pen, or tract, is an impostor”   

– Charles Spurgeon, Sword and Trowl March 1837

– Until we go home

8 thoughts on “Preaching Without Speaking

  1. While giving away solid biblical tracts is a good thing, no Christian should get a pass on proclaiming the gospel verbally. Lifestyle evangelism is a sham, as the gospel must be proclaimed with words – written or, preferable verbal. One who will give tracts out but never talk publicly about Jesus is shamefully in error.

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  2. Finney Finney , Finney. One song Finney. All are lost Finney, so all men need to hear the Truth. The Lord saves His Elect because without His effectual call, NONE would turn from their sin to Him. Can you understand this Finney. All are reprobate there is no difference. None will come to Him on His terms. NONE! Thus without His Sovereign Call NONE would be saved. Yet, for His Glory He chose to save SOME, yet NONE would come of their corrupt free will.

    If you don’t like it, take it up with Him. But first make sure you are fully familiar with His position on the subject. There are 150+ verses that clearly teach this. All you have to do, yet you refuse to do, perhaps you are unable to do, certainly you have been unwilling to do, is search for known, pre-destined, chosen, elect and of course your personal favorite free will. Then submit yourself to His Will , Finney!

    Until you do this you are merely wasting band width or something…

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  3. Umm Finney, your Freudian slip is showing! LOL

    Can’t see where I judged your salvation in my comment Finney, and never read unconditionally elected in scripture either.

    But tell me, why you won’t read the 150 scriptures that just may confirm, or correct your understanding? Would you like me to pull them out of your favorite version of the bible and put them in a PDF for you? I would do that for you, just let me know and let me know which version/versions you prefer them in along with an email address I can send them to, sans comments of course.

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  4. Finnegan, please stop accusing us of censorship. It is dishonest. I will block you if another accusation like this is made.

    Also, I don’t see how your line of questioning was anyway helpful to the original post.

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  5. Finnegan, it is a valid question with an improper motive (or perhaps an improper context). There is nothing in the article that would merit such a question. Why is such a question so important for you to ask when the main theme was passing out tracts?

    I am not offended, I just question your motives. But since your question was directed toward me it seems, here is how I would answer.

    No one is “elected” to damnation. They are passed over. God chooses men of His sovereign will to save some out of the whole world of people who are lost. By default, it would seem logical to conclude that He choose others to be damned. But whether or not this is exactly the case has been expounded upon. However, even if you believe God did not elect some to salvation, His foreknowledge is enough to conclude that the essence of election stands. See my article concerning how everyone believes election.

    Hypothetically speaking, if God chose some to damnation as He did with salvation (a concept called double predestination) and He also commanded us to pass out tracts in order to seek and saved that which is lost, it is not our business, nor is it within our power, to know who is chosen for either or. We are only to remain obedient to what God has called us to do despite what we may think or feel about His will or actions. So even if I were to agree that God did choose some to damnation, I will still go out into the world with the banner of the gospel to seek and saved that which is lost, because my motive for doing so is to be obedient to the King and His gospel because He is worthy.

    If this answer is unacceptable to you, forgive me for not providing something that is satisfactory for your soul. Unless your concern is how you can be a witness in this world, using gospel tracts, I ask that you find another line of questioning.

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  6. Finnigin again

    As a community of saints I think it is way past time to for D & C to exercise necessary biblical church discipline. Finn, you suppress the truth rather than accepting the truth. You reject the council of one and all. You are, “stirring up strife and controversy’. Is it not time to obey the word of God and shun Finn and put him out until he humbles himself and repents. Finn only seeks to create heat and not light. In a sense is this not allowing a false teacher to enter into your house and speak to the brethren? How much rope will you give him?
    Finn has accused God of being a rapist. He has lied about God and has falsely stated that God would never impose Himself on anyone.
    In the Exodus God hardened Pharoes heart that His name would be magnified among the nations. God smote Nebuchadnezzar with madness. God removed His spirit from King Saul and sent an evil spirit to torment him. King Saul sent 3 of his henchmen to seek out Samuel and God imposed the Holy spirit upon them to the point that they fell down and began to prophesy. Then Saul followed them and God imposed Himself upon Saul. God called Jonah to carry out a task. Jonah resisted and ran away. God imposed His will upon him and forced him to obey. The disciples were sitting around in a room when God imposed tongues of fire upon each of them. He imposed Himself and filled each of them with the Holy Spirit and imposed the gift of tongues upon them. What of Saul of Tarsus and his road to Damascus encounter with God. In Acts 9: 15-16 God explicitly states that he God’s CHOSEN instrument to the gentiles. God further explicitly says that He will tell Saul what he MUST SUFFER for the sake of my name. Are we not taught that the Holy Spirit imparts the spiritual gifts as He, not we, sees fit? God works all things after the council of His will. Our creator’s will is not subject to the narcissistic whims and petulant protests and vain imaginings of His creation, Finnigen.

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  7. If you have made your calling and election sure, are bearing holy fruit, and show the evidences of salvation in thought, word, and deed, then your assurance should come as a comfort to you by the Holy Spirit. I don’t think you to be awful. I don’t think you should be shunned, nor do I think you are not truly saved simply because you may not fully subscribe to a concious affirmation of Calvanism. Hope this clarifies my position.

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  8. I think you and T.I. Miller need to avoid one another for the sake of peace. Also, although you may be intrigued by my statement, my answer will only lead to further discussion that does not relate to the thread. Once you have affirmed that you have read this, I will delete all comments that you and TI Miller have had.

    Finally, if your purpose for questions is to defend and contend for the faith, and your presuppostion is averse to Calvanism, I would encourage you to please move on to another blog. You most likely care about truth (although I have no way of verifying the truth of that claim), but your repetitious challenges and comments make you seem like you have an axe to grind. And since we are not a part of your local church, and we don’t have any authority over your life, it should be fairly easy for you to let go. No one here knows your real identity, nor are we seeking to expose you to others.

    Please let me know when you have read this comment.


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