If You Love Me

In this day and age we hear all kinds of things about love with most of it not being true love but lust. Movies are shown that depict love as being selfish and demanding or controlling and manipulative.

The reality of love is that it’s unselfish and goes out of its way to help the other person. 1 Corinthians 13. Christ is the true depiction of love. He left His throne in heaven to become a man and die, be buried and rise again for our sins. He didn’t ask for anything in return because there is nothing we could give Him that would pay Him back for all He’s done for us. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4.

Yet while the Lord was on the earth He made the comment, “If you love Me, keep My commandments!” John 14:15. As we seek to go through daily life do we really show our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we love Him? What would we have to do to show Him our love?


Obedience is such an unusual concept in this day and age. If you watch many parents you will see the children go out of their way to hurt their parents. Granted, some of the parents deserve it because they encourage their children to be disobedient and ungrateful. What about those, though, that are trying to teach their children to be obedient? This is an age where everyone does what is right in their own eyes, many children dishonor their parents, and so many think that no one should be able to tell them what to do.

True believers are expected to obey the Lord, to keep His commandments if we love Him. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. We, who are true believers, are children of the Lord and, that being the case, we must be willing to honor and obey our Heavenly Father. He is first and foremost the One to whom obedience is necessary and, in so doing, we show forth our worship and praise towards Him.

You might say, “I do obey Him. My heart tells me when I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” No, we can’t go according to what our hearts say as they are “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9. It is important for us to read and obey God’s Word as that is the guideline He gave us to follow. I know I’ve stressed before but it’s worthy of notice within our lives to show forth our obedience and love for the Lord. Do we love Him? If so, then let us keep His commandments in a way that shows Him that we do love Him.

12 thoughts on “If You Love Me

  1. But Violet – if I don’t do what my heart tells me, how can I be true to myself? Isn’t being true to ones’ self the ultimate form of worship? /sarc/

    Sadly, that’s about exactly what Rick Warren told people at a TED conference several years ago. It IS a form of worship – self worship.


  2. Here in SE Oklahoma, the entire region, with only a few souls being the exception, hold to self-worship in the form of believing they are FREE to command Jesus to come into their sinful little hearts and save them.


  3. There are many forms of self worship and, with our culture being the way it is, it’s easy to succumb to self worship, especially if a person isn’t in the Word of God and spending time in prayer. I pray the Lord keeps my heart totally on Him to be able to see through the evil one’s false messages. He’s a very good liar and capable of causing even the best Christian to go astray. May the Lord give each of His children a discernment whatever the doctrine may be.


  4. Hello Violet and Manfred – Regarding Rick Warren – What should one do, if our friends continue to practice and implement Rick Warren’s book in the church? [In spite of we warning them].


  5. Then gather your things and walk out, without asking for their blessing, and find a biblical fellowship if you can.

    We did this 11+ years ago and have had a few brief fellowship experiences along the way, but low and behold up jumps the devil and everyone runs to his heresies, be they emergent, emerginging, NAR, purpose drivel, WOF, ad nosium…


  6. We did warn both the pastors and our friends, this happened 2 years back. We had to leave the church and by the Grace of God, found another fellowship near by. But it is hard, and I wonder are they deceived or are they willingly allowing it? Couple of times, we did share pleasantries, but I always think why nobody else found it an issue 😐


  7. Sadly, a lot of people willingly follow doctrine contrary to Scripture for a variety of reasons and others just don’t see it. It’s the apostasy of the modern church. In the end, only the Lord can open the eyes of the blind but we are called to be a lighthouse to those around us. There might be a mixture of both and you may never know but it’s still a good thing to share the truth in love if they’re willing to listen. If not, I guess you’ll have to part ways. Sometimes, you don’t have to do so as they will run away from you and even talk about what an awful person you are.

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  8. The Lord made it plain we would suffer persecution if we were His. Take heart that, as 1 Peter 5:9 says, “…knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” We must go through the fire but the Lord is with us in the midst. You will find that most of us have gone through something similar. It just makes us stronger and able to bear the next trial or tribulation that comes our way. The Lord gives strength and grace to make it through, as I’m sure you’ve felt that. May He continue to strengthen and keep you standing strong for Him!

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