Dear Fathers on Father’s Day

As we, celebrate Father’s Day, I figured this was a perfect video to post. I have posted this before, but it bears repeating, especially in this society where anarchy reigns and that family is being systematically destroyed.

Fathers are men. They are warriors, protectors, providers and they guide families through valleys and mountain ranges. They play with toys, tell stories, discipline, and fix cuts and scrapes. They pay the bills. They work hard. They are examples of courage, integrity, and strength. They stand for truth and honor in spite of the flow of society.

Men…keep up the good fight. Stay strong and continue to press forward no matter what society tells you. Do the right thing. Be the man and lead your family. You! Not your wife or someone else. You do it. You take the reins and guide your family through the darkness that surrounds us today.

Be an example that your family will remember with fondness and pride.

Happy Father’s Day men.

2 thoughts on “Dear Fathers on Father’s Day

  1. That is a sweet little video and very much on point, brother! We live in a world that has forgotten the God-given roles of Dad and Mom. God blesses us with children because life only comes from Him and then we are to train them to be adults. Sadly, we cannot make them love God or follow Him, but ultimately they have to take responsibility for their actions. All we do is teach and show them from our lives. Hope you had a blessed Father’s Day.

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  2. I use the saying a lot, “You can lead a horse to water…” That is very true. Children are on loan to us, and we will be held accountable for how they turn out. What a responsibility and what an honor.


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