Through Broken Vessels

“It has been well-said that before God uses a man greatly He must first break him breakly. God works best through broken vessels who have been crushed by the hammer blows of the devil. The more we desire to be used by God the greater must be our willingness to suffer for Him. There are no easy paths in ministry. Every assignment is a killing place.

This quote and brief sermon jam comes from Dr. Steve Lawson’s ministry during the 2010 Shepherds’ Conference in California at Dr. John MacArthur’s church.

During this time of trial and troubles, I would be remiss if I did not admit that I struggle with fears of my own. I fear for family, for friends, and for churches. Yet, down through the ages of church history, persecution has always given the church wings to grow and be refined as the Bride of Christ.

If you also have fears, look to Jesus and be a broken vessel fit for the Master’s use.

8 thoughts on “Through Broken Vessels

  1. Great message and sure points to our lives as Christians. The trials we have endured would fill a book. I just wish that whoever makes these videos wouldn’t put such overpowering music in. I had a hard time hearing the message over the music.


  2. Hello brother,

    Yes, I have difficulty as well hearing it at times. I almost didn’t use the video, but I felt the message was needed.

    As for difficulties, as Paul reminds us, one day these will seem but light afflictions. We can but keep longing for the eternal day.


  3. Indeed brother. It ’twas and is a good message and needs to be remembered in this time of trial. Thank you for the encouragement.


  4. While reading this, I was thinking that the more we are broken, the less we can take any credit for what God does through us. And it reminded me of every story of Samson that I have ever seen, he is portrayed as some huge, muscular man; what we might think of today as a professional body builder. But wouldn’t that imply that he was able to do at least some of the things we read about, in his own power? I have come to change my view of Samson as the proverbial 98-pound weakling, because looking at him like that, all that he did was only through the power of God, and nothing of his own power.

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  5. Robert, thanks for stopping by and reading.

    I believe that it was J. Vernon McGee who believed similarly about Samson. Whether he was or not, only eternity will tell. The only reason I believe he wasn’t a weakling is because of the first part of Judges 15 when he caught the 300 foxes and then killed many Philistines in the first half. Neither incident, unlike the other times when he killed, gives us the information that the Spirit of the Lord came upon him mightily.

    Ultimately, I think what is most important is your comment about not taking credit for what God does through us.

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  6. You have an interesting point about Samson, it looks like I will need to read this again, and maybe change my ideas again. The more I study, the more I end up doing that! But I think that’s why God wanted us to study to much. Thanks!


  7. I guess the point us whether Sampson looked like Hulk Hogan or not, even the catching of the foxes would have been near if not impossible for a normal man to do. We do know that regardless of Sampson’s exploits or Paul’s, the Holy Spirit guided each man according to His plans for His glory alone. According to Scripture, Jesus Himself was nothing to look at, yet, He commanded the forces of nature and they obeyed. I hope that through our growth as Christians, we learn to rely on the Spirit of God for everything! That’s what matters, in my opinion.


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