Experiencing God Through Deceitful Mysticism

Many today in the evangelical church speak as if they are daily receiving personal revelations from God much like the prophets of old.  God speaking not through his word, but rather directly to them. Thus establishing the individual as the source of truth whereby all others are rendered defenseless to counter any false prophecies, wild speculations or personal deceptions.  For if God is speaking to them, who will dare speak a word against them?

Of course this is not limited to the evangelicals as it is found in many churches where it is all too common in Charismatic circles.  Here it seems every preacher out there has a word for someone.  And as the teacher preaches so follow the pupils.

And it goes beyond just personal revelations as some on this path will journey deeper where they will enter the realms of mysticism and seek even deeper contact with God.  A trend we see flooding the church today being welcomed in by many big names in Christiandom, especially those in the Emerging/Emergent Church movement.  The video below speaks to this which I hope many will watch and forward to those caught up in this movement.  – bro Michael

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Introduction to video from Berean Beacon:
Professional deception and clever fraudulence are running rampant in mystical claims to experience God. Thus, the signature of Satan is seen in St. John of the Cross, Ignatius Loyola, Madame Guyon, Carl Jung, Richard Foster, and in such as Mother Teresa, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, Phyllis Tickle, and other deceivers of the Emerging Church movement who transmit this plague. In this illustrated DVD, Richard Bennett and James Sundquist expose the deceitful shams that prevail at the present time. They also explain the scriptural method of biblical meditation and genuinely experiencing God.


Our Daily Bread Crumbles??

ODB_2006_06_Large (1)Few who personally know me realize I have concerns over the devotional publication entitled Our Daily Bread. This little publication gives a daily text reading from the Scripture accompanied by a little story of some kind designed to give encouragement as the reader travels the rat race of life for the day.

However, when the daily bread of the infallible, inerrant AND holy Word of God is watered down with the drivel of the world, it will at best become nothing more than a daily crumb and at worst will prove to be poison that will slowly (almost imperceptibly) destroy the soul of the one who is reading. This is especially true if the one who is reading is not grounded in the Word of God.

Before I continue, I want to ensure the reader that I do not necessarily discredit daily devotional books or booklets. I do give fair warning though that they can easily become a quick fix to the morning or evening period when one should be spending time with the Saviour of their soul reading the Scriptures He has provided through His Holy Spirit.

Our Daily Bread has been on a long slippery road for quite some time and until doing some research on another topic matter, I did not realize how slippery the slope has become.

M. Scott Peck, Henri Nouwen, Larry Crabb, Brother Lawrence, Brennan Manning and others are (or were) either New Age proponents or hugely influential in what is known as contemplative mysticism. The latter is making huge inroads into evangelical churches, and I would go so far as to say it actually taking the church by storm! The connection that these individuals have is that they are all quoted favorably and extensively on a regular basis by Radio Bible Class and Our Daily Bread publication.

Henri Nouwen as an example was a Roman Catholic heretic who privately held to the sinful belief that he was also a homosexual and believed that men could be saved apart from Jesus Christ. Radio Bible Class has no problems endorsing this man as a fine example of a “Christian!”

Brennan Manning, who is also a Roman Catholic, has his salvation experience thus on his website, “In February 1956, while Brennan was meditating on the Stations of the Cross, a powerful experience of the personal love of Jesus Christ sealed the call of God on his life.”

I would encourage the reader to go to the Radio Bible Class website and in their search engine type any of the above names and see what articles and books show up. I have no doubt that you will be as surprised as I was to find a so-called evangelical publication and publishing house openly endorsing contemplative mysticism as well as Roman Catholic homosexual heretics!

Dr. M.R. De Haan would be appalled at what this organization has come to today. His goal to maintain and present biblical purity through the spoken and written Word has been put to the wayside. The meat of the Word has been laid aside for the sake of doctrinal inclusiveness and the crumbs of worldly philosophy have been injected into the morsels being provided daily to unsuspecting believers.

2 Timothy 4:3-4, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”

Hungering for the Meat of the Word,

The Desert Pastor