Ex-Prime Minister Blair – Champion of Homosexuality

Blair Pope Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea wrote:

“Willow Creek Community Church and Bill Hybels will be honoring Tony Blair at its annual Leadership Summit in August. Tony Blair’s ‘Third Way’ was a failure, and he left his country in shambles, but as this article points out, his one singing success was gay rights.

“In April, Tony Blair had the audacity to lecture the pope on homosexuality, telling him to get the Catholic church up to speed on gay rights.

“Bill Hybels doesn’t care where people are being led at his ‘Leadership Summits.’ He’ll feature anyone who is an international celebrity, no matter that they are moral failures. Bill Clinton’s visit to Willow Creek comes to mind. That’s because Hybels long ago departed the faith once delivered to the saints in exchange for his own celebrity status and sense of importance.

“Tony Blair is no example of biblical leadership. His new Faith Foundation is dedicated to interspirituality and the promotion of the United Nations’Millennium Development Goals.

He added that the foundation would focus on the “Abrahamic faiths” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as well as Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism, and that it would help people of those faiths “discover what they share” and “help partner those within any of the faiths who stand up for peaceful co-existence and reject the extremist and divisive notion that faiths are in fundamental struggle against each other.”

“This is what Bill Hybels is promoting at Willow Creek as leadership for Christians to follow. God help us.”

HT: Slice of Laodicea