Militant homosexuals bring the persecution.

fire-church I’ve decided to create a new category on DefCon entitled Christian Persecution. I foresee this phenomenon only increasing in the years to come in the West (it’s nothing new elsewhere in the world) and feel there’s no better time than now to begin chronicling it.

So for our first entry in this new category I present to you the militant homosexuals who are turning up the heat.

In this article the Lasing State Journal reports that homosexual rights protesters disrupted a church service at Mount Hope Church in the Delta Township. Law enforcement responded but no arrests were made. The protest included the pulling of a fire alarm and the display of an inverted pink cross. The website reporting on this same incident describes in this article how the protesters used megaphones to chant “Jesus is a homo.” reports in this article that homosexual activists are becoming increasingly confrontational and aggressive. is also reporting on this new wave of homosexual intolerance as a mob of activists swarm Christians (see the article and video here).

And apparently now E-Harmony (the online dating service) is being required by law to provide their service for same sex dating (check it out here).

And finally, Crosstalk America did a show on this very topic which you can download on their website here.

3 thoughts on “Militant homosexuals bring the persecution.

  1. This is the reason why I’m totally baffled at how some Christians, even some within my own family, still believe that these homosexual activist groups only want “equality” and “civil rights” when their actions clearly show otherwise.


  2. I know we are to witness to everyone but there comes a time when we must bow out. Just like we’re not supposed to argue with ‘fools,’ or witness to those with a hard and unteachable heart, we are to be wise and shake the dust off our sandals. These people have been given over.


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