Why I’m Thankful for ISIS

The title is tongue-in-cheek. I do not condone the actions of ISIS, but I do want to reveal the effect they have had on American culture in recent weeks. While many have shuttered all over the world of the terrorism of ISIS, below are some observations of why I am glad ISIS has gained media attention.

1. No more religion of peace. Think about this: How many times have you slightly regurgitated in your mouth whenever someone brings up how they believe Islam is peaceful, whether in a witnessing encounter or on the news? Now we have the ammunition needed that reveals otherwise! And even if someone does have the audacity to insist that Islam is a religion of peace, or tries to differentiate between ISIS and what Islam “actually” teaches, it now takes almost nothing to prove them wrong. After all, what motivates these men other than the Quran?

2. The real enemy is now obvious. I have open air preached in many places, and one of the worst rebuttals I receive concerning Christianity is that it is a dangerous religion. This, of course, is due to our evolutionary/humanistic professors that hate anything to do with Christ. But now, since the appearance of ISIS, a genuine enemy is now in the forefront of the media, making Christianity seem as menacing as a 3rd grade class at recess. And guess what? Humanists are terrified! Even atheists on social media are now confessing the tragic mistake they have made at making Christianity “dangerous” (although not all).

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How to stagnate the church: A dictator’s manual.

Dear atheistic, communistic dictator: Having trouble with that dastardly underground church spreading like wild fire?

No matter how much you seize, imprison, torture, and execute those Christians, the church still keeps flourishing?

Christians getting in the way of your nation’s “progressive” progress?

Looking for a way to stamp out the spread of Christianity in your Orwellian utopia?

Well look no further than this blog post. That’s right. In this post I will show you in just two easy steps how to limit the spread of the church in your country in one generation so you can continue to build your effervescent dystopian society unhindered.

But, dear dictator, it is essential that you first understand two things before we proceed: 

Firstly, up to this point you’ve been doing it all wrong.  The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church and history has proven that persecution only grows the church. 

Secondly, God’s ultimate sovereign will and His predetermined plans will never be thwarted by any man, including you . . . with all due respect of course, dearest comrade.

If you can resign yourself to the fact that your current approach has been ineffective, and that you will never completely stamp out Christianity, then you’re ready to follow the two easy steps outlined below to begin stagnating the spread of the church in your country.

Let’s begin.


You must legalize freedom of religion. I know, I know, this sounds counter intuitive, but trust me on this.

Combined with step two, legalizing freedom of religion will ensure that the tares will greatly increase among the wheat since there’s no longer a sacrifice associated with “becoming a Christian.” Once the tares begin to outnumber the wheat, you will know that success (achieved without a single shot fired) is just around the corner.


In conjunction with step one, open up Christian bookstores in every city and flood the market with two waves of books. In the first wave push books by the likes of Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and Beth Moore to skew their concept of what Christianity is. Simultaneously make available to them such television channels as TBN to tell them that God’s greatest desire for them is to be healthy and wealthy and that anything less means they are lacking in faith.

After the masses have consumed and adapted to a positive, self-help version of the gospel, then hit them with the second wave of book by the likes of Rob Bell, Dallas Willard, Doug Pagitt, Jay Bakker, and similar Emergents to encourage them to doubt everything the Bible says (or at least doubt what the Bible says about the sins they like to continue engaging in).

Allow Christian radio stations to function uninhibited. Encourage stations to fill the airwaves with their sugary, Jesus-is-my-boyfriend, contemporary, Christian pop music along with all the “positive and encouraging” Bible verses to boot (avoiding verses like Psalm 5:5, Psalm 11:5, Matthew 7:21-23, and Hebrews 10:31), offering contests to win theme park tickets, movie theater tickets, concert tickets, backstage passes, autographed CDs, day spa visits, and cruises, cruises, cruises.

All of this will drive these Christians to seek after increased comfort and greater self-preservation over and above everything else. This “laying down of one’s cross” to seek after comfort, security, and prosperity, of course, is the very opposite of what the Christian should be doing and is the antithesis of a “revolutionary.” A revolutionary, need I remind you, is one who would be willing to sacrifice everything to overthrow an oppressive government such as yours. The less revolutionaries there are, the greater your chance of retaining your power becomes.

Remember, your goal is not to make these people irreligious, because that simply doesn’t work (which is, after all, why you’re reading this). No, your goal is to inoculate them to the true gospel of Jesus Christ, the only religious faith that truly poses an ideological threat to your fragile utopia.

If you properly followed the above steps, then your subjects will not only have moved from the true gospel to a false one, but they’ll even reject the true gospel and not even be able to recognize it when it’s presented to them. This biblical ignorance will certainly spread like a cancer and be passed on to the next generation, ensuring your safety and security from an uprising or revolution for many years to come. 

Left to human nature, men will inevitably take the path of least resistance. No dying to self and carrying a cross for them, only happiness, security, prosperity, and ease. And once on the hook, they will then follow whoever promises to continue to provide those comforts, even if they follow that leader to the gallows he has prepared for them.

Do you still doubt that my two-step plan will work? Do you still desire proof of its effectiveness? Then I need only to direct you to where this two-step process has been implemented already as proof that this works every time it’s tried: Look no further than the churches in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Martial law and Romans 13.

How far is Romans 13:1-3 meant to be taken?

There’s no denying that the government’s reach and control grows larger every day, individual  rights continue to erode, and the framework for the persecution of the church is being laid. So, does Romans 13 mean Christians are to unquestionably collude and cooperate with their coming persecutors?

Here is a brief news clip to spur the conversation (debate). I look forward to reading the discussion.

Romans 13:1-3

“Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same;”

How “socialized” government school kids “interact” on the bus.

It’s pretty bad when a local news station has to get involved in a matter like this because the school won’t help to put a stop to the violence perpetrated against a four-year-old girl.

You can see the video and read the article here.

If this is the Lord of the Flies socialization I keep hearing that my home educated kids are missing out on, then I think they’ll be just fine.

Pay no attention the the government education professionals behind the curatin.

Here is a quote from a great article by Bruce Shortt writing for WorldNet Daily:

“Of course, evidence of catastrophic educational failure is always dismissed by highly trained education professionals by alternately screeching ‘socio-economic status’ and ‘demographics.’ These phrases are the education establishment’s equivalent of squid’s ink: When cornered by inconvenient facts, shouts of ‘socio-economic status’ and ‘demographics’ usually allow highly trained education professionals to create confusion and slip away quietly from embarrassing revelations about what they have done to the children entrusted to them.”

Read the entire article here.

Public school field trip to a mosque.

Shocking video. As if we needed one more reason to home educate our children.

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While this nation slumbers (video).

While many in this country with a left-leaning political slant bemoan the security threats to this nation–placing unwarranted suspicion at the feet of Evangelical Christians, home educators, talk radio, gun owners, war vets, etc.–they remain strangely (and suspiciously) silent regarding the only real threat–the same threat that keeps spewing its venomous hate speech day after day, week after week, year after year: Islam.

While this nation slumbers, those who seek it’s demise are wide awake and ever planning . . . planning on murdering you, your children, your family, and friends. Yet half of our nation will continue to see threats where they don’t exist while ignoring the real threat breathing down our necks, and the other half of our nation is simply too busy to care–continuing to entertain themselves into a coma.

Everyone needs to watch this video clip to understand what’s coming from the “Religion of Peace.” This is especially enlightening when you consider that this video was made long before the Quran-burning controversy arose.

While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

The height of hypocrisy.

With all the drama over the Quran-burning controversy, I thought the following news article from 2007 was a little ironic:

Christians in Gaza Fear For Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and Destroy Crosses

Although the religious group in this article is erroneously identified as “Christian,” the example of the hypocrisy is still very telling.

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

If you only watch one documentary on Islam, make it Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

I’ve included all ten parts of this shocking documentary below, including the film trailer and a clip of what those in the media are saying about it.

What the news media is saying about the film:

Film Trailer:

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:

Part Seven:

Part Eight:

Part Nine:

Part Ten:

Three years ago today.

It was three years ago today that I sat through my last Sunday at a seeker-sensitive, man-centered social club operating under the guise of a church. Prior to that liberating Sunday I had begun reading the Bible through; not just selected parts here and there, but book by book, chapter by chapter, line by line, verse by verse.

As I was doing this, God began working on my heart and I began to notice a striking disconnect between the Church in the New Testament and the church I was sitting in (and the various others I had gravitated to in my life). I began to slowly see that something was terribly wrong.

I arranged to meet with the pastor to discuss some of the many issues that I simply couldn’t ignore. One of these issues happened to be the pastor’s proclivity to treat the pulpit as a venue to tell jokes and quaint little stories. When I urged him to stop telling so many jokes and instead preach the Word, his response was that God made him funny and that’s how he was going to be.

Our two-hour conversation ended on a promising note, but that quickly vaporized and it was apparent that it was time for me and my family to separate from that church amidst the scowling gossip that I was a “judgmental Pharisee” (not a surprising ad hominem attack—without any foundation in truth—from a congregation woefully ignorant of Scripture as they nursed on watered down milk year after year from the “funny” pastor).

After we left we began participating in a home church with a few other couples who had also left since there were no other churches in the area that we knew of where we could go to hear the preaching of the Word without compromise.

Shortly after we began our home church a couple that were friends with another couple already in our home church joined. This new couple had not been attending any church for quite some time as they were disenchanted with things that were happening in the local churches, yet they were fans of Joel Osteen.

We were meeting regularly for almost a year, during which time we also fed on sermons downloaded from the internet from great Bible teachers and we regularly went street witnessing. Everything was going good and during that time there was an incredible amount of growth among all of us, unlike anything we ever experienced in the lukewarm churches we had been attending. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the last couple to join us (the Osteen fans) were actually there to infiltrate the group to report back to the pastor what it was that we were doing and what I was “teaching.” The reason for this was that the pastor’s own son had defected from his father’s teachings and church and was meeting with us. After seeing that I was not a “Pharisee” as initially alleged, the couple sent in as spies remained with us . . . for a while.

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Another black cloud moving in from the horizon.

As a follow-up to The Brewing Storm and the Coming Demise of DefCon, Another Clap of Thunder, and I Feel Raindrops, I now submit for your consideration more proof of the coming storm of persecution against true Biblical Christianity.

Although I don’t agree with everything he says (i.e. what appears to be his Dominionist view), this article from Chuck Baldwin entitled Army Report Says Christians Threaten US Foreign Policy should raise the hair on the back of every Christian’s neck.

Here’s what Ingrid Schlueter had to say about it:

Islam may be sending its warriors to fly planes into US buildings, bomb our subway systems and plan[t] dirty bombs in major cities, but the threat that gets the attention of the US military is Christians and their end-times beliefs. This is a very disturbing column from Chuck Baldwin who tells about the army report that fingers American Christians as a threat because of their eschatology. Please see how your tax dollars are being spent and how you, as Christians, are being once again promoted as a “threat.”

With the terrorist shooting by a Muslim soldier at base on American soil recently, you’d think the Army would have a better grasp on the real threat from within.

Persecution in Pakistan by the “Religion of Peace.”

A sobering reminder that most Christians in this world are not experiencing their Best Life Now.

Rasheed Masih was murdered with axes by six Muslims for refusing to convert to Islam. Arshed Masih was burned alive in front of a police station for refusing to recant his faith and his wife was raped by a police officer (article found here).

Helping our Persecuted Brethren with a Living Faith

Our FamilyI came across In Jesus’ Name Ministry today and it appears that they are doing a wonderful work to help the poor and persecuted Christians who live in the most hostile regions opposed to Jesus Christ and his word.  These being our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers whom we are to love not in tongue only but in deed and in truth. 

Below are some facts posted on their website that I hope will prick all of our hearts to reach out more and more to those who are in such great need.  Please reach out and help and share with others. 

  • Most Christians in our world live as minorities, are increasingly persecuted, and are very poor. They live “behind the gates of  hell.” They urgently need our love and help.
  • The overwhelming emphasis on  New Testament giving is for Christians who are prosperous to help fellow believers who are lacking food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.  
  • There is little or no teaching in American Churches on the immense sufferings of our brethren, or on our clear Biblical responsibility to be helping them.  
  • When Christians suffer in our world, Jesus suffers with, and in them. He is at the right hand of the Father, and at the same time dwells in the hearts of His children. 
  • When we help our brethren, we are helping our Savior. When we ignore the sufferings of our brethren, we are ignoring the present sufferings of Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:31-46  
  • If we do not help our brethren who are in great need, how will we, as prosperous western Christians, and pastors, answer to our Lord when we stand before Him. The Word of God is clear on this issue – We are to help our less fortunate brethren, IN WHOM CHRIST LIVES.
  •  Most Christians in our world live as minorities, are increasingly persecuted, and are very poor. They livebehind the gates of  hell.” They urgently need our love and help.
  • The overwhelming emphasis on  New Testament giving is for Christians who are prosperous to help fellow believers who are lacking food, clothing, shelter, and medical care.
  • There is little or no teaching in American Churches on the immense sufferings of our brethren, or on our clear Biblical responsibility to be helping them.
  • When Christians suffer in our world, Jesus suffers with, and in them. He is at the right hand of the Father, and at the same time dwells in the hearts of His children.
  • When we help our brethren, we are helping our Savior. When we ignore the sufferings of our brethren, we are ignoring the present sufferings of Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:31-46
  • If we do not help our brethren who are in great need, how will we, as prosperous western Christians, and pastors, answer to our Lord when we stand before Him. The Word of God is clear on this issue – We are to help our less fortunate brethren, IN WHOM CHRIST LIVES.

Second-grader sent home and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a crucifix.

After a class was instructed to sketch something that reminded them of the Christmas holiday, one student drew a crucifix. Apparently, however, according to the godless government-run public school, not only did Christ’s birth have nothing to do with His birth (like they know anything about theology anyway), but it also warranted this child’s removal from school and necessitated a psychological evaluation. Read more about this shocking story from Massachusetts.

Welcome to a brave new world.

“If we find any evidence you are a Christian, we will kill you.”

guillotine This death threat was uttered from an Iranian judge spoken to an underground Believer in Iran as quoted in the latest Voice of the Martyrs publication (2009 Special Issue page 8).

It got me thinking about the difference between those who become Christians in nations where it means a death sentence, and those who become Christians in the West. It raised the following questions for me:

– What if we were faced with the same proclamation that this judge gave to this man?

– How would we react in this same situation?

– Are we prepared to face this possible life or death situation?

– If Christianity was made illegal tomorrow and we were brought before a court for the crime of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence in the average life of an American Believer to convict them?

Tough questions, but questions we may one day have to face no matter what comfortable, prosperous, and secure nation we live in today.

Militant homosexuals bring the persecution.

fire-church I’ve decided to create a new category on DefCon entitled Christian Persecution. I foresee this phenomenon only increasing in the years to come in the West (it’s nothing new elsewhere in the world) and feel there’s no better time than now to begin chronicling it.

So for our first entry in this new category I present to you the militant homosexuals who are turning up the heat.

In this article the Lasing State Journal reports that homosexual rights protesters disrupted a church service at Mount Hope Church in the Delta Township. Law enforcement responded but no arrests were made. The protest included the pulling of a fire alarm and the display of an inverted pink cross. The Catholic.org website reporting on this same incident describes in this article how the protesters used megaphones to chant “Jesus is a homo.”

OneNewsNow.com reports in this article that homosexual activists are becoming increasingly confrontational and aggressive.

WorldNetDaily.com is also reporting on this new wave of homosexual intolerance as a mob of activists swarm Christians (see the article and video here).

And apparently now E-Harmony (the online dating service) is being required by law to provide their service for same sex dating (check it out here).

And finally, Crosstalk America did a show on this very topic which you can download on their website here.