How “socialized” government school kids “interact” on the bus.

It’s pretty bad when a local news station has to get involved in a matter like this because the school won’t help to put a stop to the violence perpetrated against a four-year-old girl.

You can see the video and read the article here.

If this is the Lord of the Flies socialization I keep hearing that my home educated kids are missing out on, then I think they’ll be just fine.

2 thoughts on “How “socialized” government school kids “interact” on the bus.

  1. a FOUR YEAR GIRL put on a bus and beat up. Honestly, what are parents thinking? People – repent! Tell the government, ENOUGH! The culture tells us this is the way it should be – those little students are stuck on bus 83, victims of the system that does not and cannot do what we desire of it. Defund and deconstruct government education. Parents must take up the role God has given us.


  2. In the meantime can the mother not find another way for her child to go to school? Just so she doesn’t have to face the torment every day?


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