Another clap of thunder.

The storm is coming folks. You simply can’t ignore the sounds of thunder on the horizon.

HT: Slice of Laodicea

3 thoughts on “Another clap of thunder.

  1. This is so sad. We live in such an evil world now, the only good, clean thing is the gospel. As it shine a light into the darkness and reveals the wickedness of mens hearts they can’t stand it. They would rather live in their sin, and they hate anyone who would even try to pierce the darkness. Even to hearing things that aren’t said. Do they realise or even care where their sin is leading them. Do they realise the high price that is required for their sin. I am a first generation and the only born again believer in my family of 9 children. I truly know the ravages of sin in my life and of my siblings. My heavenly Father graciously saved me out of a wicked, dark lifestyle. I do not even know of any descendants who were saved. I truly know the wages of sin are death and see my family still living this lifestyle. Murder, suicide, aids, drugs, alcohol and suicide, insanity and they keep doing it. I wonder and am amazed why I was chosen but I praise my Father and my Lord and Savior that I was chosen. To God be the glory. For who the Son sets free is free indeed


  2. We are living in the last days. Evil is called good & God’s Word is called evil. Keep looking up – rapture can’t be far away.


  3. England does not have freedom of speech. Canada does not have freedom of speech. The United States of America is giving away its freedom of speech.

    The reprobates – who KNOW they are sinful! – claim freedom from offense! Reprobate government officials also want to be free to sin without conviction, don’t want their sin revealed, and rally behind the reprobate public.

    When Paul, John, and Peter wrote their letters to the churches, people were being tortured and killed for preaching Christ – as they are today in many countries.

    We who have been saved by the grace of God cannot be sidelined by threats against our perishing flesh – I “say” this as I sit in my ari conditioned home in Texas.

    May God have mercy on us as we are tested. May we bring Him glory, regardless of the cost to our flesh. Only by His Spirit and the power of Christ.


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