Second-grader sent home and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a crucifix.

After a class was instructed to sketch something that reminded them of the Christmas holiday, one student drew a crucifix. Apparently, however, according to the godless government-run public school, not only did Christ’s birth have nothing to do with His birth (like they know anything about theology anyway), but it also warranted this child’s removal from school and necessitated a psychological evaluation. Read more about this shocking story from Massachusetts.

Welcome to a brave new world.

10 thoughts on “Second-grader sent home and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation for drawing a crucifix.

  1. “Superintendent Julie Hackett said she could not discuss an individual student and did not address the drawing specifically or the teacher’s reaction to it, but did say the school has safety protocols in place that were followed.

    Safety protocols followed? Please . . .
    I’d be happy to write them some appropriate protocols.


  2. I read on one site that the school denies that this pic being shown is the pic that was discovered by a teacher, and they deny asking kids to draw a picture of something reminding them of Christmas.


  3. This gets around fast. The incident occurred in my home state of Massachusetts – I heard about it on the local news, and blogged about it here:

    Yes, I’m pretty sure the family was Catholic (pretty much everyone around here is, anyway) – the article mentioned their attending an Our Lady of something-or-other retreat center in Attleboro.


  4. I grew up not far from where this happened. I understand that the boy’s drawing was inspired by a visit to the shrine of Our Lady of LaSallette. I’ve been there..they have a beautiful Christmas light display. I’m not sure if the family was Catholic. I worked in a children’s ministry for many years with children around the same age as this boy, and I know how tenderhearted they are. What a cruel act by the teacher! He/she is the one who needs psychiatric counseling!


  5. Sounds like they try to be so politically correct in everything that they could care less how they treat the children! I think the teacher should get the evaluation…might remind that teacher to think about the child next time and not his/her own agenda.


  6. they were alarmed when the boy said that it was “himself” on the cross. I would be alarmed if a child said they were on the cross, they are too young to understand any concept of themselves on a cross. Plus the x’s for eyes. The protocols are for everyone in the field with children. These same protocols would be applied at the Christian preschool I work at.


  7. I wrote the district and the principal a letter about this. I was so outraged over it. Here is their contact information.
    Rebecca Couet – Principal
    Lowell M. Maxham School
    141 Oak Street
    Taunton, Massachusetts
    Phone: 508-821-1265
    Fax: 508-821-1274

    To contact Superintendent Julie Hackett with your opinion/comment:
    Taunton Public Schools District Office
    Dr. Julie Hackett – Superintendent of Schools
    110 County Street
    Taunton, MA 02780
    Phone: 508-821-1203


  8. This is what happens when you ask God to leave, the Devil comes in. There is no neutral place, it’s one or the other. Read Dante, he gives a very good example of this, and Milton also.


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